Excerpt from 448th Official Contact Report

The following unofficial and unauthorized translation by Larry Driscoll, USA, July 09, 2015,
is an excerpt from 448th Official Contact Report, Friday, April 27, 2007,
from Pleiadian-Plejaren Contact Reports - Block 11, pages 169–170.


German Original English Translation

Auszüge aus dem 448. offiziellen Kontaktgespräch
vom 27. April 2007

Excerpts from the 448th official contact conversation
from April 27, 2007


Billy: Now a question regarding overpopulation: In the animal- and wildlife world it is such, that when an overpopulation occurs, this is reduced again in a natural way, on the one hand as a result, a mass dying breaks out, and on the other hand however also as a result, an infertility occurs for a certain time, whereby no more offspring can be created. However, how is it with humans, do the same factors then appear, or is the problem to be removed by the humans alone, precisely with regard to a strict regulation of births, like we propagate this? It is my opinion to presume, that humans in their highhandedness only through a corresponding law of strict regulation of births can be made to see reason, because in their delusion they simply want to have many offspring and think, that they would have a right for this. Indeed many humans die in epidemics, which in fact also occur for reasons, as well as also through wars and other acts of murder, but these do not have much of an effect on the overpopulation, in that it would be reduced. If through law of nature an intervention should occur, which leads to the decimation of overpopulation, like for example, through masses of deaths as a result of epidemics, or through the man and woman becoming infertile, then are the humans so insane in their delusion, that they, when many humans die, then create all the more descendants. And if men and women of the human species become infertile, then they fall victim to the irresponsible delusion that they must create descendants through an artificial procreation. I see the whole thing in this way.

Ptaah: 81. …

Ptaah: 81. Whereupon you see the entire problem correctly.

82. …

82. Actually nature itself already defends against human overpopulation on the Earth, and I mean that the humans, respectively the female and male sex evermore become infertile, like this, as you correctly say, also is the case in the animal and wildlife world, if an overpopulation occurs.

83. …

83. What we have established, shows with the female sex in the so-called civilized world already the appearance of infertility with every fifth woman, although however the male sex regarding this is not unaffected, as his fertility decreases to a great extent as well.

84. …

84. However this problem is foolishly and irresponsibly attempted to be bridged over in the way, as you have explained, as namely an artificial insemination is resorted to.

85. …

85. As a result however the natural reduction of overpopulation is irresponsibly opposed, whereby all conceivable problems of humanity inexorably increase.

86. …

86. Also through the epidemics and the masses of deaths originating from them the overpopulation can no longer be contained within normal bounds, consequently even worse epidemics must appear and break out in pandemic form, if the Earth humans do not listen to our giving of advice and take up lawful measures to radically reduce and minimize the number of births.


Billy: The future of terrestrial humanity needs greater, more courageous and more progressive ideas, thoughts and actions. However there are also solutions necessary: A solution must constantly and again and again be fought for, and I mean both regarding overpopulation as well as also the religions. Particularly the catholic Christianity must be publically scorned, because no religion other than this vehemently demands and promotes overpopulation with the idiotic saying: “Go forth, and multiply”.

Ptaah: 87. …

Ptaah: 87. Your words are good and of value, but only a few Earth humans will listen to them, namely only those, who recognize the truth and are able to comprehend it.


Billy: Unfortunately this is actually so, because the majority of humanity does not want to know the truth. Concerning this there are also many adversaries, who in their antagonism, abuse, slander and describe as nut-cases all of those, who endeavor to cry out for the effective truth in the world, in order to create a better future for the entire humanity. These antagonists are both theologians, scientists and so-called clergymen as well as also the rabble and all the naïve of all peoples. Oh well, that’s the way it is.


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