Excerpt from 451st Official Contact Report

The following unofficial and unauthorized translation by Larry Driscoll, USA, January 20, 2014,
is an excerpt from 451st Official Contact Report, Wednesday, June 13, 2007,
from Pleiadian-Plejaren Contact Reports - Block 11, pages 196-197.


German Original English Translation

Auszüge aus dem 451. offiziellen Kontaktgespräch
vom 13. Juni 2007

Excerpts from the 451st official contact conversation
from June 13, 2007


Billy: However, let us leave this, for there are other things to discuss. You said already, that you have received from the Sonaer, new sensing equipment, respectively, new scanning equipment, through which you were able to scan and discover the alien extraterrestrials, or from Earth’s future, or whomever they are, that these are three different groups, foreign to one another and pursue no contacts among themselves. I have now to wonder about this, whether or not still some other aliens circle around in Earth space, who perhaps you are not able to locate?

Ptaah: 20. …

Ptaah: 20. This is with absolute certainty not the case, for our new and extremely accurate equipment, which we have received from the Sonaer, are more productive than ours regarding many technological innovations, yet also with this equipment, we were able in no way whatsoever to detect in the entire terrestrial space other extraterrestrial or similar Earth alien flight objects of any kind.

21. …

21. The new equipment works also in a very extensive area of fine material, like however as well regarding dimension jumping vibrations, yet also no further Earth visitors were able to be detected in these areas.


Billy: Then it is certain at the moment thus through your newest technology absolutely perfectly clear, that outside of the three groups of aliens on the Earth named by you, respectively in terrestrial space, no other extraterrestrials or from Earth’s future exist? I would like to question you however as well, in regard to whether any unknown terrestrial aircraft, of anew arise?

Ptaah: 22. …

Ptaah: 22. This I can answer with absolute certainty, for our newest devices, which we have received from the Sonaer, are absolutely infallible.

23. …

23. With regard to terrestrial secret aircraft, with which flight-testing was performed, these are still such to be observed, as this is and was already the case for a long time and which traces back to before the middle of the twentieth century.

24. …

24. Since then this is a matter about various, partly quite futuristic and even strange forms of aircraft, which were built in a secret way and tested and also were often able to be observed.

25. …

25. With these aircraft, of which I now speak, it is a matter however exclusively about flight objects, which are of purely terrestrial origin and which also were in the twentieth century.


Billy: That is what I wanted to know – thanks. As I listen to you speak, then I assume that you elevated your entire technology and have taken it to the position of the Sonaer. Already around 22 years ago Quetzal did in fact explain to me, that you hold negotiations with the Sonaer, in order to gain possession of their entire high technology. Also, Quetzal explained at that time that Asket’s people, the Timars, are to be included in these negotiations, because they could only partially put to use the highly developed Sonaer technology. So, I assume, that also Asket’s people are now in possession of the new Sonaer technology.

Ptaah: 26. …

Ptaah: 26. This you have correct.

27. …

27. As usual you have a fine listening and grasping of information.

28. …

28. You understand it actually very well, to interpret the matter correctly, with no need to explain it to you.


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