Excerpt from 457th Official Contact Report

The following unofficial and unauthorized translation by Larry Driscoll, USA, January 20, 2014,
is an excerpt from 457th Official Contact Report, Wednesday, December 24, 2007,
from Pleiadian-Plejaren Contact Reports - Block 11, pages 273-275.


German Original English Translation

Auszüge aus dem 457. offiziellen Kontaktgespräch
vom 24. Dezember 2007

Excerpts from the 457th official contact conversation
from December 24, 2007

…….. Billy quotes to Ptaah a previous explanation by Semjase in the 2nd Contact of February 3, 1975 regarding previous extraterrestrial visitors and occurrences of various types on Earth in the past……:


Billy: About this now a question, when was the last time such occurrences have arisen, like they were described by your daughter – can you give more information about this?

Ptaah: 24. …

Ptaah: 24. Of course, for it is no secret:

25. …

25. The last occurrence of this kind, as my daughter has explained regarding examination contacts and actual abductions of Earth humans by Earth aliens, took place more than 370 years ago.

26. …

26. And concerning the few personal contacts between Earth humans and ourselves, such are these Earth humans already no longer among the living.

27. …

27. And who these were, is indeed known to you.

28. …

28. And who at present in addition to ourselves spend time in Earth space, are those three groups, of whom we have spoken several times during the last months.

29. …

29. Further Earth aliens are not known to us, because our surveillances have resulted in no further information.

30. …

30. We no longer occupy ourselves with the three groups, because it no longer is in our interests, to enter into contact with them.

31. …

31. To mention about this still are certainly those aliens, who already from time immemorial, stand with the Gizeh intelligences and who came to Earth from distant worlds.

32. …

32. These however we do not include into the usually very rare Earth aliens, who came or come to Earth.


Billy: And in regard to the three groups, who circle around our world, do you have new findings about them?

Ptaah: 33. …

Ptaah: 33. As I already mentioned, we occupy ourselves no longer with them.

34. …

34. They are indeed active in the entire Earth space and also in the outer Earth envelope.

35. …

35. As well, it appears, as I have already mentioned, that they have no awareness of one another, as they also with absolute certainty in no way whatsoever have knowledge of our presence, as we keep this from them as well, for we with our newest technology, which we have received from the Sonaer, were able clearly to establish, that their technology and their conduct as well as their consciousness evolution is still very much in need of development, and this is so even though they master space travel and probably time travel as well.

36. …

36. Hence, it would not be good, if they were to know of our presence and home world.

37. …

37. Indeed, clearly our contact relationship with you is known to them, as this we have established about them, yet they have in no way whatsoever proof of it, because we do not make ourselves visible to them, thus they are able to position neither us ourselves nor our aircraft, as a result of which they become irritated.


Billy: And if you are with me, like you are now, are they not able to find the position of this?

Ptaah: 38. …

Ptaah: 38. This is totally out of the question, because our technology permits in no way whatsoever positioning of our aircraft and ourselves.

39. …

39. Our present technology is formed in such a way, that we are only able to be seen and positioned, if our protective belt can be penetrated into, which however we are able to prevent.

40. …

40. Only if it lies within our will, that we are able to be seen and positioned, like now exactly with you, which you are in my direct protected area and you can see me.


Billy: Aha, this is about the technology, which I have experienced with you in front of Bernadette’s office, when we quite suddenly faced one another, without my having any observance of you beforehand.

Ptaah: 41. …

Ptaah: 41. Yes, on that occasion, it actually was a matter of this technology.

42. …

42. If you stand outside of the protective shield, which can be positioned by no lower technology, then you see only that, which one can perceive in the foreground and background as well as in the surrounding area.

43. …

43. Not until you can step inside of the protective shield, which I must make permissible for this, then can you see me.

44. …

44. But also in the state of permeability the protective shield cannot be positioned, like naturally also not the person, who is within it.

45. …

45. On the other hand also already for a long time did we equip all of our aircraft with similar systems, yet the old technology was not as perfected and efficient as the new.


Billy: However, even with the old shielding you could not be seen or positioned.

Ptaah: 26. …

Ptaah: 46. That’s correct, but the newest technology of the Sonaer is much more efficient.


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