Excerpt from 492nd Official Contact Report

The following unofficial and unauthorized translation by Larry Driscoll, USA, December 09, 2014,
is an excerpt from 492nd Official Contact Report, Monday, April 5, 2010,
from Pleiadian-Plejaren Contact Reports - Block 12, pages 149-150.


German Original English Translation

Auszüge aus dem 492. offiziellen Kontaktgespräch
vom 5. April 2010

Excerpts from the 492nd official contact conversation
from April 5, 2010


Billy: However, now look here, as I have read that brain researchers have found, that religious and sectarian belief manipulates the brain and in this also causes less blood flow than with humans who are not captivated by belief delusion. Furthermore, there is to be found on the internet under http://www.zeit.de/2005/20/Glauben_, a very good reference to research regarding the faiths of humans. He who has interest in this, should read the information on the internet. Do you have any knowledge regarding my question?

Ptaah: 48. …

Ptaah: 48. The religious and sectarian belief in God is underpinned in a pathological delusion, which corresponds to a very widespread schizophrenic form.

49. …

49. This delusion is, as is well known, also heritable and establishes itself in the temporal lobe, from where it carries out its delusional mischief over the brain and consciousness as well as over thoughts, feelings and the psyche world.

50. …

50. The religious-schizophrenic belief in God, which without exception corresponds to a delusion, influences however also the activity of the heart and all organs in general, consequently of course also the blood pressure and blood flow through the blood stream, whereby logically the brain is affected as well.

51. …

51. So from this also results, that actually less blood circulates in the brain, than in humans who are not captivated by a god-, idol-, or a similar religious or sectarian belief.

52. …

52. With a religious or sectarian belief, respectively, delusion the perception center is to a large part shut out too, because the pathologic-schizophrenic belief delusion represses the orientation towards the regarding of actuality, respectively reality.

53. …

53. This means, that the orientation center is, to a large extent, shut out as well and is disturbed by the power of the delusion.

54. …

54. However, if the sense of orientation and the sense of perception are destroyed, or just to a great extent shut out, like with religious belief, then the border between the inner and outer world declines to a shimmering and can no longer be controlled.

55. …

55. As a result the contours of both sides become so badly blurred, that the border of real and unreal merge and therefore reality can no longer be perceived.

56. …

56. Consequently, the devout human being hopelessly gets lost in his belief delusion, through false, confused and unreal thoughts and feelings as well as even psyche impulses, and the delusion afflicted one is lead to believe in an absolute harmony with some totally unreal divinity, which falsely is accepted as reality.

57. …

57. Especially powerful appears everything, when religious delusion believers perform prayer, read or study so called ‘holy’ writings, or if they advocate their faith and their religion in writings or in conversations, or just discuss them as well.


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