Excerpt from 592nd Official Contact Report

The following is an unofficial and unauthorized translation by Jacob Smits, Holland, October 29, 2014,
is an excerpt of 592nd Official Contact Report, Sunday, July 27, 2014,
which is an excerpt from FIGU-Special Bulletin No. 82,
contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.


Billy: Also through global climate change and the warming of the northern hemisphere, for which the degeneracies and criminal activities of the people with their overpopulation are to blame, opens up probably more and ever more northerly settlement areas for the Asian tiger mosquito in Europe.

Presently it must be assumed that since the dissemination of the first predictions in the 1950s until today, there are worldwide 20 serious new diseases and illnesses.

The most important is the rampantly spreading AIDS disease , as well the rampantly spreading SARS disease, which, as I have read, is cause by a virus of the family of coronaviruses, which not only damages the respiratory tract, but also the spine, spleen and the nervous system. It also constantly mutates and becomes more dangerous and resembles the so-called anthrax spores. Then there is also the ‘new flu’ to mention, which is referred as the ’swine flu’ or ‘H1N1’ virus, as well as the bird flu with the ‘H5N1’ virus.

Additionally of importance to mention are other illnesses and rampantly spreading diseases, such as Dengue-fever, which amongst other things is spread by the Asian tiger mosquito.

This mosquito is originally native to the South and Southeast Asian tropics and subtropics, which as a transmitter is also responsible for diseases such as Chikungunya fever, and is very significant for people in regards to health damages.

Since the 1990s, these mosquitoes have also spread in Europe, from the south, where we’ve have been singing a loud sad song of their presence and venomous bites at the FIGU Center.

Because contrary to the claims of the Swiss entomologist, respectively the insectologists who still claim that no tiger mosquitoes have been found in our region, these critters make problems and wreak havoc for a little more than two years in the FIGU center. Especially last year they were with us en masse at the center, and this year they were very active on warm days, whereby Kunio even had to go to the doctor because he got serious health problems caused by the bite of such a mosquito.


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