Excerpt from 69th Official Contact Report

The following unofficial and unauthorized translation by Larry Driscoll, USA, October 11, 2013,
is an excerpt from 69th Official Contact Report, Friday, December 10, 1976,
from Pleiadian-Plejaren Contact Reports - Block 2, page 390.


German Original English Translation

Auszüge aus dem 69. offiziellen Kontaktgespräch
vom 10. Dezember 1976

Excerpts from the 69th official contact conversation
from December 10, 1976

Billy: ...

Billy: Well said, yet explain now also once more, what Creation actually embodies in and for itself. I mean, that it does not concern a human or other material or an individual fine-material being, but simply a universal consciousness.

Semjase: 119. ...

Semjase: 119. With this you have already given the explanation.

120. ...

120. I cannot explain more than this also, for also our knowledge in regard to this is limited.

121. ...

121. The Creation is identical with Universal Consciousness, which directs, realizes and governs there in the existence of consciousness, as a double spiral shaped oval form, which at the same time builds up the Universe in its seven belt increasing expansion, while the double spiral arms live in pulsing spiritual energy and rotate toward one another.

122. ...

122. More knowledge we ourselves do not possess about Creation.

123. ...

123. Like you, we only know the causes and the effects, the existence and the laws and regulations, but not more.

Billy: ...

Billy: I should not have asked you the question again, as you appear now to be depressed.

Semjase: 124. ...

Semjase: 124. Your question makes it once again very clear to me, how little we know even with our enormous knowledge.


Note: "there", in line 121 means the center of the universe as Semjase and Billy have been previously discussing it.


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