Excerpt from And Still They Fly! - Domestic Animals

The following excerpt is from And Still They Fly!, 2nd Edition, written by Guido Moosbrugger, 2004, pages 21-23.


In former days when their ancestors of the present-day Pleiadians lived on earth, they returned home with a pair of almost every kind of animal existing on earth and then totally eradicated all animal diseases. Today, as previously mentioned, it is strictly prohibited to import animals from alien planets for security reasons unless they have been 100 percent disinfected so there is absolutely no danger of brining in a disease.

Despite their love for animal life forms, domestic animals are treated quite differently from the animals here on earth. In view of the fact that many diseases are transferred from domestic animals to human beings, they switched over long ago to keeping all domestic animals on Erra in specially built caged enclosures but never directly in human living quarters. This also holds true for cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, etc. that are often viewed or treated like children or family members here on earth. Out of ignorance and a false understanding of love for animals, this type of treatment can unfortunately lead to very many health problems. It happens that we usually grow most fond of domestic animals. They are often the only form of companions that prevents elderly and lonely people from feeling so alone and forsaken. However, cats and dogs are responsible for more than 50percent of all contagious diseases. According to the Errans, cats and dogs are principle carriers of many deadly diseases and the danger of contagion for human beings is relatively high. The presumed cleanliness of a cat is only an outward appearance since deadly pathogens can be found in its coat only 30 seconds after it has undergone a complete chemical disinfecting. These are facts that hit us earth people especially hard and which we cannot easily digest all at once. In view of the misplaced affection for animals and the incorrect keeping of house pets, our present attitudes on earth will probably not change too quickly. For all those who are fond of house pets, the following should be carefully heeded in one’s own interest as well as in the interest of the general public:

- Immediately after petting or simply touching a domestic animal, ones’ hands should be washed.

- Household pets should not be treated like human beings by kissing them or letting them sleep in the same bed, or similar practices.


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