Excerpt from And Still They Fly! - Nutrition

The following excerpt is from And Still They Fly!, 2nd Edition, written by Guido Moosbrugger, 2004, pages 21-22.


The Errans nourish themselves according to the laws of Creation, which means that they consume a balanced, measured and nutritious diet of both mineral and vegetable as well as animal foods. Of primary value is nutrition obtained from fruits and vegetables. They categorically reject a purely vegetarian nutrition because negative side effects can result in the form of abnormal mental activities and conscious reaction abilities of an excessively positive nature. Consequently, critical judgment is impaired to the extent that a person can no longer distinguish between what is real and what is unreal. As for the purely physical side-effects, it must be said that adults can tolerate such a one-sided diet over an extended period of time with relatively little harm, but can cause growth disorder and other negative symptoms among children and adolescents. Insufficient vegetarian food or an excessive amount of animal products give rise to the exact opposite effects such as sluggish thoughts and reactions which are also undesirable. Consequently, Errans do not abstain from animal food but never indulge in excessive amounts. They never slaughter domestic animals such as cattle and swine, as we do. Lower animal forms such as rabbits, ducks, and chicken and only slaughtered and consumed under extreme circumstances. Nevertheless, people do not have to go without meat specialties, since cutlets, for example, are also on their dietary plan. But how does this relate to the aforementioned? Well, it simply means that the meat used for dietary purposes is artificially cultivated with the help of cell cultures. Therefore, we should not be surprised to find out that on Erra, veal cutlets are produced on an assembly line without having to slaughter a single animal.

According to Quetzal, many earth people unfortunately have very different and erroneous opinions about nutrition that have equally harmfully effects on them. The erroneous opinion that a human life form can develop to its full and healthy potential without animal substances is just as false as the assumption that large quantities of animal substances improve the physical constitution. The truth is that great deficiencies appear if either excessive animal substances are consumed or none at all. The entire structure and preservation of human life forms are dependent upon floral and faunal nutrition, at least those pertaining to the physical body. If, for example, faunal nutrition is not available or is abstained from based on erroneous assumptions, then plant substances of equally nutritious value must substitute the lack of animal substances. But this is not yet possible on earth because these nutritious plant substances have remained practically undiscovered. The few that are known are shunned for some unintelligible reasons of disgust.

It would also be interesting to find out what the inhabitants of Erra drink. I do not know enough about this to give a full report, but it is certain that natural juices in all possible variations play a major role. Pure alcoholic beverages are completely unknown. Instead, beverages similar to alcohol are consumes without causing intoxication- not even if a person drinks large quantities.

In my opinion, it would be commendable if our nutritionists would familiarize themselves with the nutritional habits of the Errans in order to give the people of earth appropriate advice on healthy nutrition in the future.


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