Excerpt from And Yet... They Fly! - About the Meaning of Human Existence

NOTE: "And yet ... they fly!" has been superseded by the 2004 publication "And still they fly!",
which contains improved translations and other important additions.


The following excerpt is from And Yet... They Fly!, 1st Edition, written by Guido Moosbrugger, 2001, page 293.


Although Creation is the highest form of perfection known to us, Creation must nevertheless continue to perfect and develop within itself. For this reason, Creation requires the experiences of all people, no matter how absurd this may sound. That is why the spiritual energy of Creation constantly creates new spirits, which give life to every human body in the form of an immortal spirit (erroneously called immortal soul) and makes it capable of life, for no man would be able to exist without it.

Human existence is, without exception, incorporated in spiritual evolution after the example of Creation. Every spiritual form housed within a human body must first work its way through innumerable incarnations from a completely unknowing, new spirit toward spiritual perfection in order to return to its origin some day and become one with Creation. Creation then further perfects itself and becomes ever more powerful. Therefore, we humans are not spared the difficulties encountered while treading the path of spiritual evolution paved as it is with numerous challenges. On one hand, truths and knowledge already existent, but possibly slumbering in our subconsciousness, must be newly awakened and developed. On the other, things not yet existent must first be created and brought to fruition. Despite bonds with all other human life forms, since every individual is unique, and at a different evolutionary level, each must climb all rungs of the evolutionary ladder one at a time, without excluding a single rung.

It is self-evident, that the destination of spiritual evolution can never be reached within a single material lifetime; on the contrary, innumerable rebirths are necessary.


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