Excerpt from And Yet... They Fly! - Cosmic Alliances and Organisations for Public Order

NOTE: "And yet ... they fly!" has been superseded by the 2004 publication "And still they fly!",
which contains improved translations and other important additions.


The following excerpt is from And Yet... They Fly!, 1st Edition, written by Guido Moosbrugger, 2001, page 40.


The Pleiadians are affiliated with a cosmic alliance -- a League of Nations consisting of 127 billion people that extends far into the cosmos and to which many planetary systems belong. They all have an allegiance to the High Council in the Andromeda Galaxy. Of course, other similar types of alliances also exist in the universe, but we have no detailed information on them. Because other races exist which are in different phases of development from the peace-loving human races, some type of cosmic organization is urgently needed to maintain peace and harmony.

With this in mind, I would like to quote Semjase's father, Ptaah, once again.

PTAAH "In the entire universe, space travel is practiced by many various life forms ranging from humanoid to non-humanoid races. For the most part, similar or like-minded life forms always come together and form alliances with one another. Their values are based on mutual support of every kind and in all matters of evolutionary interest. These combined efforts in all aspects of life are, needless to say, wonderful and even transcend the boundaries of other universes such as the Dal Universe. The objective of all alliances, whether they be universal, inter-universal, galactic or intergalactic, is peace and progress in all physical aspects of life and spiritual evolution."

The allied partners maintain organizations that guard the entire universal realm and beyond. These organizations may extend over galaxies separated by extremely vast distances. For such a far-reaching and difficult task, only the large spacecraft are suitable and are equipped with all imaginable technical possibilities and armed to meet all situations. Fighting cannot be ruled out when non-human life forms attempt to appease their greed for power. Whether we like it or not, they must be confronted since confrontation is an inseparable part of human life.

Basically, the intentions of all highly developed life forms are to peacefully work on their spiritual evolution. The universe is inhabited by such diverse life forms that a conflict is often unavoidable. Nevertheless, the Pleiadians attempt to settle all disputes, if possible, through reasonable arbitration before they revert to other measures. Only when no agreement can be reached or the adversaries come up with some type of trick do they resort to the use of force as the last alternative. They then drive away the scoundrels or take them prisoner and ban them to desolate islands or planets. Only in an extreme emergency do they resort to the elimination of persons and material since all species are in need of evolution and basically this always takes the same course in its evolutionary phases.

One more word from Ptaah

PTAAH "Our very early ancestors, who are also actually the forefathers of the Earth human, were once just as low in their spiritual evolution as today's Earth human, as are many other life forms in the innumerable universes."

These cosmic organizing forces normally do not intervene in pure planetary affairs unless acts of war threaten the structure of universal space by endangering other planetary systems. In such extreme cases, and when there is simply no other alternative, the obstructionists are brought to reason by force.

When inhabitants of a planet are headed on the fastest course to knocking each others' brains out and ultimately destroying one another, as the case is on Earth, then the extraterrestrial life forms try to render useful help in the form of teachings and inspirations. Those concerned must decide entirely on their own whether to accept, ignore or reject this help because free will must be upheld at all times and all places. Therefore, it is never within the Pleiadian scope of duty to intervene and force other people to avoid acts of war on their respective planets. The extraterrestrials only intervene if inhabitants of other planets are endangered by the war actions of their neighbors.

Based on a Creational Law, it is not possible that even one single Earth person will be evacuated by an extraterrestrial rescue action if we actually go so far as to transform our earthly globe into a deadly inferno. It is our decision, alone, to comply with, process and act according to the valuable teachings which the Pleiadians have let us receive and which we must consider with an open mind. Only in this will we be able to halt the threatening danger of total destruction and to finally obtain a peaceful existence worth living.


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