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NOTE: "And yet ... they fly!" has been superseded by the 2004 publication "And still they fly!",
which contains improved translations and other important additions.


The following excerpt is from And Yet... They Fly!, 1st Edition, written by Guido Moosbrugger, 2001, pages 4-6.


In view of what we have now learned, the impression may have been given that UFOs do not exist at all or only in the fantasy of ufologists and esoteric practitioners. This is not the case. Consequently, we have finally arrived at the question of main importance and relevance today, which is, what do these unknown spacecraft really and truly represent? To answer this, the following categories are among the genuine spacecraft known at the present time.

Physical Spacecraft of Earthly Origin

Yes, that is right -- physical spacecraft of earthly origin! These are nothing more than advanced development of the German and Canadian flying disks which were designed and partially tested as Hitler’s secret wonder weapons during World War II but were not ultimately used at the front. East of Leipzig in the vicinity of Prague, fundamental plans for the development of completely new flying machines were worked out in the BMW factory there and in Breslau, as well as in Vienna and other places. It eventually led to the construction of fireballs as well as flying disks (flying gyros) with a fantastic and unprecedented flight technology. The persons primarily involved in the basic research and further development of these machines were the Austrian natural scientist Viktor Schauberger (a genuine UFO contactee), the German experts and flight captains Miethe, Schriever and Habermohl, the Italian researcher Bellonzo, and many others. The disk-shaped spacecraft operated with conventional beam-powered propulsion systems or possibly, new types of propulsion systems.

At any rate, the prototypes were successfully tested for the first time toward the end of World War II and gave commendable performances for that period of time. For example, in mid-February of 1945 in Prague, a flying disk ascended to a height of 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) within three minutes and almost reached twice the speed of sound in horizontal flight. The flying disk was able to hover like a helicopter and perform other similar maneuvers.

At the end of the war, all existent flying disks, as well as their instrumentation and construction plans were to be completely destroyed to prevent them from falling into enemy hands. This project was not carried out in its entirety. Some of the plans and instrumentation were intentionally (or unintentionally) overlooked during the elimination and promptly fell into the wrong hands. One possible explanation for this is that the occupying forces may have confiscated these valuable documents. Whether or not this was actually the case is beyond my knowledge. According to the Pleiadians, however, secret Nazi groups escaped to safety toward the end of World War II, acquired the confiscated material and continued to develop these new types of flying disks -- naturally under a strict oath of secrecy.

The Pleiadians verified back in 1976 that the largest diameter craft was as much as 100 meters (330 ft.) in length. By continually improving the propulsion, its performance greatly increased as time went on. Judging from appearance alone, these terrestrial flying disks are very similar to the disk-shaped spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin and can easily be confused with them. From the standpoint of performance, they were naturally no match for the exceedingly superior extraterrestrial spacecraft, not even with the most modern systems of propulsion.

Since these terrestrial flying disks do indeed exist and are occasionally sighted, two contrary and equally false opinions have been formed:

Those who are aware of the existence of the terrestrial flying disks are under the false impression that all such objects are either of earthly origin or can be traced back to deceit and fraud, and that extraterrestrial spacecraft are unreal and nothing more than mere fantasy.

Others mistakenly view all disk-shaped spacecraft as extraterrestrial. They have absolutely no knowledge of terrestrial flying disks or simply do not want to admit they exist.


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