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NOTE: "And yet ... they fly!" has been superseded by the 2004 publication "And still they fly!",
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The following excerpt is from And Yet... They Fly!, 1st Edition, written by Guido Moosbrugger, 2001, pages 313-317.


SEMJASE: "When it (referring to Earth humanity) has achieved the necessary technology to fly to other planets, then it must not do so light-heartedly and in the hope that Earth will always be the winner. Numerous dangers of varied magnitude are lurking in the cosmos itself, and inhabitants of other worlds are not simply helpless when attacked by another race. This could lead to deadly defeats and complete enslavement for Earth people, which would be comparable to falling back into the primeval age. It could also happen that the planet Earth would be completely destroyed. The technical requirements for this have been worked out to maximum perfection by many human and non-human races throughout the cosmos. If Earth people wish to carry their barbaric domineering ways and lust for power out into the cosmos, they must reckon with their own total annihilation and no other planetary creature would rush to their aid. Other races in the universe do not senselessly fight one another or banish, enslave or exploit others, as is done among the peoples of Earth, but they do know how to defend themselves and, if necessary, can do this by radical means.

"These races continue to be vastly superior in their technical possibilities for quite some time. And wherever this is not the case, they are often under the protectorate of other more highly developed intelligences whose technology has reached maximum perfection."

This, alone, should serve as a serious warning for the future... that we cannot carry our unbridled lust for power and plans of conquest out into the cosmos without being punished

The Necessity of Barbarism Without Degeneracy

The Earth is presently in a very critical phase of development. This gives us sufficient cause for concern, especially with respect to the near future of our planet. The negative factors have for the most part been brought to the light of day in this chapter. Perhaps I have given the impression that Earth people do everything wrong and by no means live correctly. That is not true. Earth people, from the very beginning, have been no worse than any other human civilizations that must more or less suffer the same "labor pains" and "childhood diseases" and go through just about the same stages of development as we. A certain barbarism is part of this course of development and quite necessary for progress in a natural form without descending into degeneracy.

With regard to this, Semjase revealed the following:

SEMJASE: "... the Earth people go the way required for their evolution. Certainly, they are barbaric and, consequently, are impetuous and often unscrupulous in matters of research. However, barbarism is characteristic of many life forms for it is contingent on nature and is an expedient way through which life can first be guaranteed. Because of that, I shall refer to this as 'natural barbarism' which is free of degeneracy. This also applies to far more highly developed races than those of the Earth people and does not subside until higher spiritual perfection is achieved and the required realizations have become part of the spirit. There is absolutely no cause for Earth people to feel defamed and degraded as evil monstrosities.

"They are the descendants of wild ancestors and have to follow their own path of development. Their way leads over much need, misery and toil to reach realization and knowledge. This requires the hardness of a certain barbarism without which there would be no urge to forge onward toward something new and better. Barbarism first allows for research and development. The necessary hardness to disregard certain conditions that would hinder progress is continued within it. That is to say, barbarism can nip in the bud the strict religious delusions that hinder progress to all intents and purposes. Human creatures are capable of carrying on fruitful research only if they have set aside religious delusions and seek the truths where they are actually concealed. This does not detract from respect for life or even from esteem for Creation itself. Quite the contrary, esteem for Creation and for life will first be roused through the discoveries of research. Earth people may recognize this is really so. For example, no life could be freed from disease if life had previously not been destroyed experimentally in order to analyze the germs of a disease and then find its antidote. To destroy life for the purpose of research requires the hardness of barbarism. All forms of the evolution of barbarism create the necessary hardness. Therefore, a person suffering from strong religious delusions is never capable of bringing about a decisive, life-supporting development because they are too one-sided and think and act too humanely, and therefore degenerate one-sidedly as well." (Of course, animal experiments can be replaced with better methods as soon as such methods are available.)

Indications and Warnings For Cosmic Events

The Destroyer Comet

For the first time, a gigantic comet called the Destroyer grazed our Earth about 75,000 years ago, causing devastating destruction. Approximately 10,000 years ago when that particularly powerful comet reentered the Sol System, Venus was tipped from its original orbit around Uranus. Thereafter, the comet left the Sol System but invaded it again in the year 16,098 (before our time calculation) and from that time on has returned to us at more or less regular intervals. This cosmic fiend has already caused great calamities on Earth and will continue to do so if we do not succeed in putting an end to. Among other things, the Destroyer Comet is also responsible for the catastrophe of the great biblical Flood (6,613 years before our time calculation), just to name one concrete example. (See - Chapter 11 for more detailed information. Also see - Semjase's Fantastic Moon Story - in this chapter)

In a conversation between Billy and Quetzal, we learned the details about the Destroyer Comet's dimensions:

BILLY: "You have always spoken of a gigantic comet with reference to the Destroyer. I therefore would find it interesting to know what dimensions this guy actually has."

QUETZAL: "Its mass equals 1.72 times that of the planet Earth and its specific gravity varies in comparison to the mean average of the Earth. The entire mass of the Destroyer is somewhat denser than the Earth. If the Earth has a volume of 1,429.9 billion km3 with a medium density of 5.5 1 grams/cm3, then the Destroyer is a giant in comparison with its volume of 1,083.3 billion km) and a medium density of 7. 18 grams/cm3, if I may give you the data according to earthly understanding.

BILLY: "Interesting -- and does the Destroyer also have a rotation of its own, like the Earth, for example?"

QUETZAL: "That is correct, but it rotates more slowly than the Earth's 465 meters per second (1,535 ft. per second) at the equator. The rotation of the Destroyer only amounts to 314.7 meters per second (1,039 ft. per second) on the very same line."

BILLY: "Therefore, its spin is approximately three quarters of the velocity of the Earth's rotation."

QUETZAL: "That is correct. The Destroyer's velocity has been increasing for quite some time -- as a result of our efforts, in fact. We are endeavoring to send this wandering star off course in order to guide it into regions far away from the Sol System where it can no longer do any harm.

BILLY: "Fantastic -- then terrestrial humanity will no longer fear that it will threaten the Earth again, if you succeed in your undertaking. (The next great danger would otherwise threaten us in the year 2255, when the Destroyer penetrates our Sol System again.)"

QUETZAL: "This is correct, and we are quite confident."

BILLY: "I have a question to that: Why are you allowed to meddle into the affairs of the Destroyer, when on the other hand, you are not allowed to undertake anything against our other impending dangers, such as the anticipated red meteor? "

QUETZAL: "As an act of vengeance, the Destroyer was partially deflected from its natural course by our early ancestors and, consequently, caused damage in the Sol System which was not of natural cosmic origin. Since we do not know the exact circumstances, we cannot give any closer details or explanations about it."

As the following example illustrates, the Pleiadians have very exact instructions about when they are permitted to help us and when not.

The Red Meteor

QUETZAL: "The Red Meteor named in the prophecies is enormous in size and will cause extremely vicious destruction on Earth and, in addition to climatic, tectonic and other changes, will also split the Earth's crust from today's Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. It will swoop from the depths of the cosmos into the Sol System and then on to the Earth."

BILLY: "Do you mean that we are not dealing with a known comet which always comes through our system in its orbital path?"

QUETZAL: "This is correct, because this meteor flies in an orbit which will direct it to your Sol System for the first time. In earlier times, it was never in your region of space."

BILLY: "And its flight is to end on Earth! Aren't you able to undertake any action against it?"

QUETZAL: "You know very well that we are not permitted to stop this event. The cosmic forces themselves have programmed this event in advance, and it can only be stopped or warded off by the Earth people themselves. In their materialistic and misguided ego-centered isolation and discriminations and in their delusions of grandeur, they disregard all warnings and prophecies, so this event will inevitably come to pass as a rebuke and retribution, if you wish to see it so as such. And because this admonition and retribution must occur, we are not permitted to undertake any actions to ward off this event. Earth people should listen to your words and warnings, but that is precisely what they do not do. You are standing watch for a lost cause, as a voice crying in the wilderness, and only a few are willing or shall be willing to listen to your words, to grasp them, think about them and learn to act in the right way. Therefore, the non-listening will experience many deaths when the meteor does its deadly work and creates a new part of the Earth through a violent Earth rift, from which red hot lava will gush forth, from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea"

BILLY: "You said that so dramatically and non-scientifically. By the way, it would be of interest to me where this Earth rift will emerge."

QUETZAL: "it is our way to also remain human by offering scientific explanations without using a scientific language. Scientific terms prevail primarily only among the Earth people who believe they must distinguish themselves with this language. This is a degeneracy of callous megalomania, and furthermore, it leads to the belittlement of all dangers. This is one of the reasons why we -- and all other intelligent and truly thinking life forms -- never allow ourselves to fall into using special scientific language, but use easily understood language, instead, which purposely is somewhat dramatic because the developing drama of the abominable event actually exists. A purely scientific means of expression is always misleading because it is detached and impersonal, thereby belittling and minimizing the dangers.

"With reference to the Earth rift to be expected, I can tell you that it will divide the land between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea. Red-hot masses of lava and natural gas and so forth, will also produce a deadly wall of sulfur which will cover the land, drifting westward and creating additional death zones.


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