Excerpt from And Yet... They Fly! - Why Have the Extraterrestrial's Not Landed Publicly?

NOTE: "And yet ... they fly!" has been superseded by the 2004 publication "And still they fly!",
which contains improved translations and other important additions.


The following excerpt is from And Yet... They Fly!, 1st Edition, written by Guido Moosbrugger, 2001, pages 177-184.


In connection with extraterrestrial intelligences, it is sometimes incomprehensible to us why they exhibit such unconventional habits during their visits. Some of them whiz around nonchalantly in the open, while others take all possible pre cautions to conceal their presence. Among the latter are the Pleiadians.

There are extraterrestrial visitors who never land directly on the Earth's surface, or at least do not leave landing tracks behind, but others leave clearly visible and measurable tracks wherever they land.

They establish and cultivate contacts with Earth people in a way that seems peculiar. Most extraterrestrials avoid any contact with us, so personal encounters with them are purely coincidental or of short duration. In rare cases and under very specific conditions, they choose to contact individual persons for longer periods of time. However, the great majority of contact persons merely receive impulse-like impressions without knowing how these thoughts originated, and assume it is from their own subconscious. Very few have actually experienced genuine personal contact with extraterrestrials. Furthermore, personal contacts always take place unofficially, privately and in secret. That is why the burning question for many interested persons is, "Why do the foreign visitors only cultivate personal contacts with a select few and why do they not show themselves openly? Why do they not land on the Red Square in Moscow, on the green lawn of the White House in Washington, on the grounds of the international airport in Frankfurt, or perhaps even better, in the garden of the United Nations Palace in Geneva?" To prevent a shock effect, they could use a worldwide communication network to announce their arrival in advance. Why do they not make use of any of these possibilities instead of continuing to play a cat and mouse game with us? If the extraterrestrial visits are truly taking place here on Earth -- as the argument goes -- then what could be more natural than establishing contact with the government of a superpower, with NASA or with the United Nations. They could make arrangements with influential personalities. Why do they not shake the hand of Russian or American statesmen like Yeltsin or Clinton, etc., with the friendly words, "Hello, here we are. What can we do for you?"

Such spectacular action would undoubtedly be the most convincing and effective proof for the existence of extraterrestrial intelligences, a subject very much in dispute by the majority of Earth humanity. The extraterrestrials know this just as well as we do. But to this day they still avoid making an official landing, if at all possible. Their rationale may not be immediately apparent to us, but after careful consideration, a few very plausible reasons arise. To better understand the matter, let us imagine ourselves in the following situation. Assume that we are the crew of a military helicopter and have been ordered to observe an unexplored region in the primeval Brazilian forest and, if possible, to assume personal contact with the natives by landing in the middle of a village. What if we know the inhabitants of this primeval forest still live in savage barbarism, beat each other's brains out and regard every stranger as an enemy?

Based on a history of suspicion and aggression, we would expect the tribal chiefs to resist any contact with arrangers (us) for fear of losing their prestige and positions of power. So you see, without long years of preparation, a public encounter would be a daring venture involving great risk. Even with preparation, a few of those who are unable to be educated might panic and probably try to shoot down the helicopter, (although they would not have the chance with their blowpipes and poison arrows.) Others would consider the visitors to be heavenly gods instead of friends and helpers. Radical elements would possibly plot to seize control of the strange and wonderful flying object and its crew in order to take over the leadership of all tribes. Under such circumstances, a landing would certainly not be advisable unless done in a forcible manner, using all the weapons of a modern fighter helicopter.

Owing to the vast technical superiority of such weaponry, a landing among these savages could indeed take place. But what would be the sense of doing so if the helicopter crew intended to cultivate contacts on an absolutely friendly basis in order to stimulate progress -- not by using brutal force, but through teaching?

The situation is similar for extraterrestrials, whose spiritual evolution is substantially higher than ours and come to Earth with good intent in order to help us in our spiritual development. For the Pleiadians and other extraterrestrial races, there are compelling reasons why they do not land publicly and do not contact governments, preferring instead to deal in great secrecy with a few select persons who have absolutely no political, military or financial ambition.

However, we should also ask ourselves whether it is possible for extraterrestrials to set foot on our planet without endangering their health. We must consider that not all human life forms in the universe have exactly the same physical constitution as we on have, since the conditions of life on their home planets can be quite different from ours. This may be due to atmosphere or gravity. Consequently, there are those who would suffocate in our atmosphere. They would not be able to leave their spacecraft without a space suit because our atmosphere would be deadly. A further problem is the possibility of mutual misunderstanding. It would be downright impossible for communication to take place if the extraterrestrials only communicated telepathically or used languages that are unknown on Earth.

On the other hand, there are plenty of other extraterrestrials that would certainly be capable of landing publicly and establishing contacts at the highest political levels. The reason why they have not is because Earth has not met their necessary requirements at the present time. Here are a few reasons why

In 1976, the Pleiadians tested many people of Earth, especially the ufological circles to determine their respect for and acknowledgment of truth. The results were devastating and brought the bitter knowledge that Earth humanity is quite obviously not mature enough for a public landing. According to Semjase

SEMJASE "The spirit of many Earth people is still confined and pressed into religious slavery. Some of them (after the landing) would honor us extraterrestrials as heavenly gods, just as they did in earlier times."

In fact, whenever and wherever extraterrestrial intelligences have landed on Earth, they have been honored and worshipped as godly beings. In this manner, Earth humans turned over all responsibility for their own destinies to the presumed astronaut gods.

As taken from the Contact Report of October 2, 1976, the ufological circle received the worse grades imaginable by Semjase and I cannot refrain from quoting an excerpt

SEMJASE "... It is this circle which is guilty of turning the fact of the Pleiadians existence into an object of ridicule in broad public opinion and has caused us to be regarded as figments of fantasy and hallucination. This does not mean that all UFO groups cause us trouble, but most of them do. The misguided ones search for fantastic explanations in technical, paranormal and purely spiritual realms. The most impossible theories arise from, their foolishness and ignorance. They primarily focus on technical possibilities and ways of constructing our ships. They pay no heed at all to our mission or the values connected with it. This is typical of the people of Earth, since they almost always reach for material (worldly) gains and fully overlook basic values ... namely spiritual values. They dream up the most incredible fantasies and even claim that beamships are operated through spiritual powers and are constructed according to spiritual models. This is also a malicious, misleading claim, just like the idea that we would move within paranormal spaces.

"The greatest insanity along these lines comes from those who occupy themselves with inexplicable matters which they do not understand in the least. They are known as parapsychologists, etc. It is this very group that carries out malicious and misleading subversive activities that effectively hide the truth. Their errors are only exceeded by those scientists and pseudo-scientists who, for purely material reasons, occupy themselves with the search for possible clarification and explanations of the existence of our flying devices and even proof that we exist. Still the parapsychologists' actions are only illusions because, in truth, they are possessed by illogic and are still enmeshed in very materialistic, earthly and misleading forms of thought therefore, they are incapable of acquiring any knowledge. They condemn everything as lies and deception, enabling them to feel very self-satisfied and have great delusions of grandeur. Among their kind is also the one you call [The name of the culprit war deleted from the contact note as a means to legally protect Billy], whose stupidity and primitive behavior should not upset you. This person possesses no lasting valuable spiritual knowledge -- as little as those who function in hierarchies for worship, as well as in related fields. They proclaim that we simply know nothing of spiritual matters. In fact, this attitude only points out their spiritual poverty. These people have not yet discovered for themselves the genuine concepts of reality and truth.

"The result of all this is, Earth people today are not able to regard us and the existence of our ships in an honest, open and real perspective. The ufologists who were selected to spread the truth and prepare the way for the arrival of extraterrestrial intelligences have instead, lowered themselves to the level of a primitive, half-scientific sect and promoted their own unintelligible and filthy nonsense of self-construed theories and lies. Because of them, Earth people throughout the globe have been influenced further and further away from truth. This fact proves that Earth people are not yet rational enough to recognize the truth through a purposeful explanation, which could empower them to easily prepare for the coming of extraterrestrial intelligences."

Note As already mentioned, Semjase's criticism does not pertain to all ufologists.

· An official landing of a Pleiadian or other extraterrestrial spacecraft may not cross the stage of Earth without sufficient preparation of the population. Otherwise it would only be irresponsible and also purposeless. Therefore, Earth humanity may not become acquainted with the existence of extraterrestrials while in our present evolutionary stage. If Earth humanity were confronted all at once by the presence of extraterrestrials, we would all have to acknowledge them as a merciless reality, and unless previously prepared, the population would panic and provoke a catastrophe whose extent would not be foreseeable. Semjase was also of the opinion that we would have to reckon with a panic and those uncountable millions would become fully hysterical and "mentally ill." In this connection, one only has to think of the fictional invasion of the Martians from the radio program, "War of the Worlds" by Orson Welles, which was broadcast in the USA in 1938 and caused panic among numerous Earth citizens.

In this author's opinion, it would be extremely embarrassing for most of our contemporaries if they were to unexpectedly learn the untainted truth "with a bang," using the sledgehammer method. Their traditional view of the world would shake and inevitably collapse like a house of cards. They would possibly also discover what has been going on behind the curtains on our globe and how the populace has been deceived and used as dummies since time immemorial by power-hungry, money-craving powers. Since the majority of people would be unable to endure this sudden revelation, they would most likely attempt to hold accountable the leaders who are mainly responsible for such deception. This would not happen without riots and bloodshed. Putting it plainly, there would be a bloody revolution against those in power and, hence, an outright global civil war.

· Suppose a crew of extraterrestrials were determined, in spite of all reservations, to land publicly on Terra. The next difficult question to answer is, which country should be honored with their visit? Which nation may be granted this privilege without angering the other nations? The way things are here on Earth, the diplomatic skills of the foreign visitors would never be good enough to prevent a flood of jealousy and envy from all those who were not chosen. This dilemma could presumably only be prevented if there were something like a single government here on Earth. At the present time, there is no existing institution or higher authority so powerful that it could speak for all of Earth's humanity and represent the interests and well. being of the entire planet. A unified, global government is for this reason, among many others, necessary for us. But the time for this has not yet come, because what government today would be willing to hand its power over to others? (And what recourse would a citizen have if they do not approve of this single world government?)

Some people, who do not have the slightest doubt that extraterrestrials are far superior to us in every respect, wonder why these visitors do not say hello by appearing in public. Naturally, in view of the technical superiority of their weaponry, they have no reason to be afraid of us. What they fear, and rightly so, is the large probability of being exposed to an embarrassing situation if a spacecraft crew should dare to step on our territory, with or without permission. According to the statement of the Pleiadians, our governments are presently still too untrustworthy to make a sincerely friendly arrangement with foreign planetary inhabitants. In any case, fame-addicted, money-craving and power-hungry people are not in demand as partners -- and commands to attack UFOs build little confidence, just to mention one example. According to Semjase's information, military circles or criminal elements would try to capture an extraterrestrial spacecraft under the guise of friendship and peace. That, of course, would be the coup of the century, since whomever possessed this brilliant technology could rule the entire world. And anyone who knows the methods of any of our secret services to some extent can imagine everything these secret agents would do if they were able to take or leave whatever technology they find useful. Should the foreign guests be so careless as to leave their spacecraft unarmed and without security, then they could certainly speak of luck if they happened to escape unscathed. At any rate, who would let the unique opportunity to gather such powerful knowledge of every kind slip away? As we know from the Pleiadians, the, extraterrestrials may not reveal their progressive technology as long as humanity like ours misuses every new discovery for power, political or hostile purposes. We can assume that the foreign visitors strictly heed these regulations and would decisively rebuke all requests or demands for advanced information. Otherwise, the resulting complications can be pictured by anyone -- any additional commentary is superfluous.

Naturally the extraterrestrials will see to it that they do not expose themselves to such a dilemma.

The Pleiadians, in accordance with their noble intentions, do not want to make use of their power. If possible, they would avoid any situation that might force them to use their weapons to protect themselves from unpleasant conflicts and dangers. If they were threatened or in any way attacked by us, they would have no alternative but to use all available weapons for their defense. They would by no means be invulnerable or even immortal in a conflict, as presumed by many.

· Furthermore, there is a Creational Law according to which every man, regardless of his race or origin, has the right to physical, psychic and conscientious freedom. No person may be forced, but should be completely free and unrestrained to decide their own course of action in all areas of life, everywhere and at any time, and the same naturally holds true for the entire human race.

This principle of non-interference is very well known to the extraterrestrials. It is of such great importance that they avoid, if at all possible, the violation of even an iota of this principle. Now, perhaps we wonder what this has to do with our topic. Well -- it would be nothing less than a form of undue influence if the fact of extraterrestrial existence were forced upon Earth's inhabitants. This is because knowledge about the existence of foreign planetary inhabitants has still not penetrated deep enough into the consciousness of Earth people.

· According to the Pleiadians, another effect not to be underestimated is the resultant sense of mystery that is lost. In other words, Earth people would rapidly lose interest in extraterrestrials if their existence were 100 percent confirmed overnight by a public appearance. Such is the nature of Earth people that they need the magic of mystery and the inexplicable if their interest is to endure on a long-term basis. In contrast to earlier times when it was permissible to convince people of a matter by means of miracles, today it is advisable to find truth through one's own thought processes instead of with demonstrations that can be seen and heard with one's own eyes and ears. There are many things between Heaven and Earth, which exist despite the fact that they can neither be seen nor heard.

· The Pleiadians and their allies who have been working for years in various matters of the Earth people, are more or less subject to the recommendations of the High Council, which cannot favor a public landing until the requirements for such have first been fulfilled. But we have not yet reached the necessary evolutionary rung for this to take place. Furthermore, we are socially incapable of being integrated as a partner with, equal rights in a cosmic confederation. Our own efforts and growth will determine when a landing in grand style can take place. Until then, it is probably wiser and more effective if the foreign visitors cultivate contacts only with select individuals. In this way, the knowledge about extraterrestrials and their arrival can slowly but surely penetrate and grow within the consciousness of Earth's people and prepare us for the event. The more open to the new discoveries we are in this matter, the faster we will develop a positive attitude and the sooner the extraordinary event of a public landing will take place.

Incidentally, in the year 1979, the Pleiadians declared themselves willing under certain circumstances to establish contact with a government of Earth, but only through their mediator, Billy. The secret service of the chosen country then took over the role of mediator. Unfortunately, the event could not take place because of the irresponsibility of a few high government officials who were either too cowardly or simply unwilling to accept the conditions set by the Pleiadians. The enormous benefits that a few power-mad and greedy politicians let slip away through unreasonableness; shortsightedness and self-glorification cannot even begin to be measured.


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