Excerpt from FIGU-Stimme der Wassermannzeit No. 155

The following translation by Renate Stiller, Canada, 2014,
is an excerpt from Stimme der Wassermannzeit (Voice of the Aquarian Age), No. 155, June 2010,
Dem Leben einen Sinn geben (Giving Meaning to Life) written by "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier.


For mankind it is very important to give meaning to our life, whereby this meaning does not exhaust itself in a single aspect, but is extremely versatile. One meaning is, for example, to have good and true friends, who sincerely look out for us and who show real and honest sympathy for everything important to us. A further meaning results from our unique, specific characteristic of the ability to smile and laugh, with which we please our fellow man and ourselves. When we smile or laugh, you know it doesn’t just make us glad, but others too, just like when others make themselves and us cheerful with their smile and laughter. Dark, grim and nasty faces are disapproved of because nobody likes them. Honest smiling and laughing also create good friendships, as well as much else in a good way, because smiling, laughing and grinning is infectious and lies in man’s nature. Naturally, sometimes deception and lies can be hidden behind them, which produce evil and wickedness. But when we dedicate ourselves undisguised and honestly to our laughter and smiling, then everyone enjoys it. Our behaviour of honest laughter and smiling also shows our appreciation for good and loving as well as valuable friendships and for harmony. This ultimately gives friendship a high value and leads to joy and peace. And these two further values absolutely correspond with our human nature. As true human beings we just need to bear this in mind, then our lives can be very meaningful, satisfying and happy.

Our consciousness may not simply be aimed at distrust and hostile thoughts and feelings as well as hate, because neither love nor happiness, nor peace, freedom and harmony are created that way. On the contrary, we must do everything to become happy ourselves and also to make our fellow human beings happy. But we can only do that when we develop an altruistic, that is, an unselfish attitude within ourselves, in order to create a friendly and harmonious atmosphere with it. This is absolutely necessary if we want to gather other people as true friends around us. Real friendship is built on love and understanding as well as honest interest in relation to all things by those who may be esteemed as true friends. And in such a true friendship, no jealousy, no anger as well as no lie, no deception and no thought of competition and also no pride and no envy can make an appearance. Such unworthiness is pure poison for a friendship. A true friendship must be free of it and also improve one’s own attitude, which must be aimed at not waiting for a change to real friendship and the good to happen only from the outside, for an inner conscious transformation has to ensue, otherwise we will be disappointed.

We must be people influenced by true love, because love is, in the short term as well as in the long term, without a doubt the true root of peace, freedom and harmony, and so also of true happiness and all good things. For this we don’t need any trite dictums and verses from so-called holy scriptures, rather solely our intellect, our sense and our desire to be true and real people. So-called holy scriptures and books don’t need to prove to us that we need true love and must also give it to all our fellow human beings, because we, as human beings, must prove this love for ourselves. We are taught this since time immemorial from our lived experiences when we look back upon our lives. That is when we see clearly that of all our activities only those are meaningful, which we undertook with true love as well as peace, freedom and harmony and which benefited ourselves as well as our fellow human beings. When we examine our undertakings in which we realised our own interests, then it is often difficult to determine what benefit we actually achieved with them. It is also a fact, that all the achieved gains of all kinds appear as past dreams, whereby often very little remains of useful value of what was really gained. For all too often we carry heavy loads around with us from past undertakings because we committed dishonest deeds, dishonesty and deception, often unconsciously. But if we can recognise that we actually accomplished something useful and good, then that is an occasion for real happiness and especially then, when we look back and can realise that various aims of our life were fulfilled because we did good deeds for our fellow human beings in love and friendship, whereby something or another was also useful for ourselves.


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