Excerpt from OM - Kanon 13

The following unofficial, preliminary translation by Vivienne Legg, Australia,
is an excerpt from OM written by "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier,
contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.


German Original English Translation

Kanon 13:3 Und so spricht der JHWH: "Wahrlich, die, welche das Buch des Wortes der Wahrheit als solches erkennen, die erkennen es so, wie sie ihre eigenen Kinder erkennen.

Canon 13:3 And so speaks the JHWH: “Truly those who recognise the book of the words of the truth, as such, know it as they know their own child.

Kanon 13:4 Jene aber, welch die Wahrheit des Wortes nicht erkennen, die verderben ihr Leben, und sie sind Ungerechte und Lügner an der Sache des Lebens.

Canon 13:4 But any which do not recognize the truth of the words, they ruin their life, and they are unrighteous and liars in the matter of life.


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