How Does the Mental Fluidal Power Enter the Cells and Organs?

How Does the Mental Fluidal Power Enter the Cells and Organs?


Why is Joy and Harmony so Important for Us?

written by Mariann Uehlinger Mondria, Switzerland


Like every other year, Benno, Willem (my husband) and I were invited again to Heiri’s (Swiss nickname for Heinrich) for a traditional rabbit stew dinner in December 2006. Benno and Heiri are friends from my IBM days and I have known them for over 30 years. Both are a bit over-intellectual, widely read and accordingly well-educated. Since his early retirement, Heiri has even been taking a correspondence course in biology. When we arrived, Heiri had everything prepared so that the rabbit stew only needed to be warmed up, while the vegetables and Polenta were being cooked. When the males are in the kitchen, working and chatting, I usually take a seat in the living room and look around for something new to read among Heiri’s many books. As I was browsing around, a book with the German title "Intelligente Zellen – Wie Erfahrungen unsere Gene steuern" by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. (ISBN 3-936862-88-5) caught my eye.

I immediately picked it up. I had already read several pages of ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier’s new book about the mental fluidal powers, so it was just what I was looking for. The book is a German translation of the American English original which is titled, “The Biology of Belief – unleashing the power of consciousness, matter & miracles” (ISBN 0-9759914-7-7) by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. “There you go”, I thought, “it seems the Americans cannot do anything without belief”, and started to read the text on the back cover of the book which made me sit up and take notice. It read as follows: “…Perhaps you have already suspected that thoughts and feelings affect your physical life. Now you can be certain. Stunning new scientific discoveries about the biochemical effects of the brain’s functions show that all the cells of your body are affected by your thoughts. The author, a renowned cell biologist, describes the precise molecular pathways through which this occurs … He demonstrates how the new science of Epigenetics is revolutionizing our understanding of the link between mind and matter, and the profound effects it has on our personal lives and the collective life of our species.”

I was now completely captivated by the book. I read the titles of the individual chapters and browsed through them with increasing interest. The more I read the more sure I was to have found something that explains Billy’s statements about the mental fluidal powers on a cellular level, even though Bruce Lipton’s scientific colleagues may turn up their noses at the way he does this. Something that cannot be measured cannot be true, and quantum physics has not yet found its way into the mindset of many biologists. Clear effects of thoughts on the body are dismissed by them as mere coincidence — provided they are observed at all. I then asked Heiri: “Have you already read this book?” “No”, was his answer, “and I’m not sure if I will.” “It’s probably not scientifically precise enough for him”, I thought and then asked: “Can I take it and read it at home? The book seems to be very interesting; I’ll give it back to you afterwards”, knowing well that he would agree to my request (he ended up giving it to me as a present).

The American title is awkward for a ‘German’ brain and evidently does not mean ‘Biology of Belief’ as one would expect, but in the translator’s free translation ‘Biology of Stored Convictions’. As we all know from ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier, this translation is still not correct, it should be called ‘Biology of Mentality’ — which beliefs and convictions can of course be part of.

The subject, ‘mental fluidal powers’, is very comprehensive, of immense importance and extremely interesting. Yet it appears to be a completely unknown subject for scientists. It should at least come up when dealing with the subject of organ transplants and of course also in general in regards to how we lead our lives. Unfortunately, this will still take a while.

If you have never heard of or read about the mental fluidal powers until now, you’ll perhaps need some introductory words to better understand my joy in discovering this book. The mental fluidal powers are — roughly stated — a vibration in which the character, personality and mentality of the human and hence the psyche, thoughts and feelings as well as impulses of the consciousness are stored.

The mental fluidal powers are based on electromagnetic vibrations which exhibit certain powers and frequencies — depending on the personality they belong to. They are, contrary to the actual measurable material electromagnetic vibrations, called mental fluidal powers, because they are fine material vibrations. Unfortunately, for the time being these fine material vibrations cannot be observed because the required measuring devices do not exist yet. The mental fluidal powers are emitted in a fluidal or vibrational way by the body and also by the consciousness, the personality and the character, all of which are part of the mental-block, and they settle into cloths, jewellery, walls, houses, furniture, keyboards, chairs, books, trees etc., everything the human being is surrounded by. The longer the objects are in the human being’s proximity, the more they will be loaded with mental fluidal energies — like a battery.

All mental fluidal powers are stored as firm and remaining information in all cells of the body. The information of the mental-block is stored within seconds in all of the body’s organs and in the entire cell system, whereby an organic and a cellular memory is created. If an organ is used for transplant, then the entire cellular and organic memory is transplanted as well. This means that the transplanted organ transfers all of its mental vibrations, energies, powers and information into the recipient’s entire body — even into his or her brain and consciousness. This also means that characteristics, wishes, hopes, fears, fright, horror, panic, addictions, sympathy, joys, etc. as well as behaviours are transferred as well.

(A thorough introduction into the fluidal powers will be given in the coming book “Rund um die Fluidalenergien resp. Fluidalkräfte…” „“[in German only] by ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier, Wassermannzeit-Verlag, CH-8495 Schmidrueti.)

The subject ‘mental fluidal powers’ is extremely gripping, but so far-reaching, that ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier could fill books with it. (More than the explanations in the above-mentioned book would probably exceed our understanding.) That’s why I’m only touching on the influence of mental fluidal powers on cells and organs and the cellular communication (see above-mentioned text in italics).

Since I am not particularly educated in the field of medicine, I will quote a few sentences about cytology from the book “Kompaktwissen – Der Mensch” (coventgarden) in order to give the lay person a rough understanding of cells.

I quote:


Our body consists of more than 50 trillion individual cells (Annotation: other sources mention 1013–1014), working together very closely. Each cell is a microscopic-small world in which several thousand chemical reactions take place.

Cells are the smallest completely living building blocks of the body (Annotation: up to now nothing smaller has been found, although it does exist). A typical cell consists of cytoplasm, a jellylike liquid containing a nucleus, and is surrounded by a very thin skin, called plasma membrane, which allows certain substances (information) to pass into and out of the cell. There are a great many cell types. They are not randomly mixed but are structured in communities, which are called tissues. They reproduce by cell division.

If you would like to know more about cells, I highly recommend this (German) book, it also contains many pictures and drawings. To understand this article, you only require an image of a cell that is encased by a cell membrane — Bruce Lipton calls it the true brain of the cell’s functions — where receptor and effector proteins dock (receptor = the structure of a cell which responds to a particular signal). Most of the cell’s structures are referred to as organelles, suspended within a jellylike cytoplasm, consisting of nearly 90% water, ribosomes, Golgi body, mitochondrions, lysosomes, flagella, endoplasmatic reticulum (abbreviated to ER), vacuoles, etc. and of course the nucleus that has the genetic information in it and is surrounded by a shell. They all have their purpose and way of functioning, laid down by Creation.

In the meantime I have of course read the book, “The Biology of Belief — unleashing the power of consciousness, matter & miracles”, and am overjoyed that Bruce Lipton as a biologist is unknowingly confirming Billy’s statements about the mental fluidal powers, even if he uses other words and sometimes draws wrong conclusions due to his lack of knowledge of the ‘Spiritual Teaching’, above all concerning the cycle of incarnation and reincarnation. In discussions, it’s often advantageous to have a scientifically based ‘confirmation’ for my science-believing colleagues.

If we give some thought to the subject of mentality, we realize that it must be something with which we distinguish ourselves in a positive or negative manner. It’s our nature, something that belongs to us. ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier describes the mentality in Spirit-Lesson no. 107 of the Spiritual Teaching (page 1298) and also in “The Psyche” (Wassermannzeit-Verlag, CH-8495 Schmidrueti) as follows:

The term ‘Mentality’ is a comprehensive term for the feeling-life, emotional-life, consciousness-personality-life and psyche-life of the human being, in which the way of thinking, the education and upbringing, the world of wishes and instincts, the world of impulses, the attitude and direction are also anchored. In total, this comprises the consciousness-attitude or rather the personality-constitution of a human being, from which the relationship to reality and fantasy arises as well as to the individual and collective behaviour. 

This behaviour is called mentality, as named after the Sanskrit’s original term MANAS. The mentality expresses a human being’s real nature and what comprises his consciousness-attitude and personality-attitude as well as his psyche, like for example:



way and manner



righteousness-life (righteousness-related life)

feeling-tendency (feeling-related tendency)

truth-life (truth-related life)

consciousness-feeling (consciousness-related feeling)


way of feeling


frame of mind









joy of life



love for one’s next one




psychic life


consciousness-life (consciousness-related life)


personality-life (personality-related life)





















outpouring of feeling






The list could almost be endlessly continued, and the listed as well as the still unlisted qualities are all directly referred to by mentality. It is easy to understand that none of these expressions have anything to do with the ‘Gemüt’ (spirit-consciousness-related feeling) but only with the mentality, which as consciousness-personality-tendency embodies the nature of the human being and what makes a human being a human being.”

(For those who may not know, the German word ‘Gemüt’ (spirit-consciousness-related feeling) refers to the spiritual block and factor which organizes and manages within the spirit body of a life-form, in this case the human being, the spirit-consciousness-related feelings and the spirit-consciousness-related thoughts in a constant, balanced manner.

If anyone succumbs to the temptation to gamble once within 30 years, then they are not really born gamblers, nor have they a tendency to gamble. Of course, it is different when there is a daily need and urge to try one’s luck, or to cravingly surf the Internet for hours on end and losing track of time. Depression and a consciousness-related instability, every kind of degeneracy — regardless of whether it is positive or negative — but, of course, also love, peace, freedom and joy as well as an agreeable creationally-led life distinguish a human being, and this is stored in all the cells and organs in the form of mental fluidal power. Bruce Lipton writes about this on page 191:

“Supporting evidence for my belief that an individual’s broadcast is still present even after death comes from transplant patients who report that along with their new organs come behavioural and psychological changes. One conservative, health-conscious New Englander, Claire Sylvia, was astonished when she developed a taste for beer, chicken nuggets and motorcycles after her heart-lung transplant. Sylvia talked to the donor’s family and found she had the heart of an eighteen-year-old motorcycle enthusiast who loved chicken nuggets and beer. In her book called ‘A Change of Heart’, Sylvia outlines her personal transformational experiences, as well as similar experiences of other patients in her transplant support group. (Sylvia and Novak 1997) Paul P. Pearsall presents a number of other such stories in his book, 'The Heart’s Code: Tapping the Wisdom and Power of Our Heart Energy'. (Pearsall 1998) The accuracy of memories that accompany these transplants is beyond chance or coincidence. One young girl began having nightmares of murder after her heart transplant. Her dreams were so vivid that they led to the capture of the murderer who killed her donor.”

It may also be possible for someone who is the recipient of a murderer’s heart to become a murderer himself or herself — also a suicide victim. Scientists even intend to — or already do — transplant hearts and possibly other organs from pigs into human beings. They could then be the so called human-pigs, that ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier writes about in his book “Prophesies and Predictions” (Wassermannzeit-Verlag, CH-8495 Schmidrueti). Nice prospects! All of a sudden someone is grunting next to us, uses his or her instinct instead of his or her reason and intelligence and has an unrestrained desire to wallow in the mud …

Although there are a lot of compelling reasons to refrain from accepting as well as donating organs, I don’t want to deal with that now, but rather address the main theme of this article, and that is: “How Does the Mental Fluidal Power Enter the Cells and Organs?” or “Why is Joy and Harmony so Important for Us?”

The building up of our mentality takes place primarily in our head through our conscious consciousness — even if often unconsciously. A certain part, above all that which concerns beliefs and convictions, could also have been inherited from our parents. The question now is: How do the thoughts we have in our brain end up not only in the brain cells, but also in the heart or kidney cells or in the bones? Do they just jump into them? How does this actually happen? Unfortunately Bruce Lipton doesn’t talk about this, since being educated as a nucleus-centred biologist he primarily examines the cells and what is happening there. Perhaps he assumed, we had all learned enough in school when the subject of vibrations was being taught in Physics. I will therefore try to «shed some light in the darkness», based on my knowledge of the spiritual teaching and radio signals.

At least since the invention of the WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network), the radio controlled clock, the mobile (or cell) phone and the (male-favoured) toy BlackBerry, we know that our electronic devices do not have to be connected over a wire with a wall socket to send signals, but that the necessary information signal is simply there — wireless —, quasi out of the air. Of course, there has to be a sender, i.e. a cell phone tower that sends the right energy in the form of signals, and a receiving station, a so-called access point that receives the signal and makes further use of it. But only few people think about how that ‘through-the-air’ part works. (A radio signal is an impulse or a short character string to transfer/transmit messages. Radio signals are electromagnetic waves; that’s why they don’t need a medium to diffuse. They transmit in a vacuum at the speed of light no matter what frequency they have. Radio signals are divided into internationally allocated frequency bands in order to prevent uncontrolled proliferation. Radio24 for instance, a private radio station in Zurich (Switzerland), broadcasts on USW at 102.8 kHz. Radio signals are most frequently used for wireless transmission of telecommunication, radio, telemetry etc. Further information can be found in the Internet.)

What about us human beings? Do we also have such senders and receivers for our thoughts and feelings, even for our whole mentality within us? The spiritual teaching  (‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier “Wiedergeburt, Leben, Sterben, Tod und Trauer” [in German only], Wassermannzeit-Verlag, CH-8495 Schmidrueti) tells us, that the spirit form reincarnates and its consciousness-block incarnates on the 21st day after conception. That surely is like an electrical impulse for the embryo, since from this point in time onwards the heart starts beating and the whole system begins its function. If the ‘tiny person’, the embryo, could consciously experience it, he would shout: “What a joy, now I am a human being!”, but all of this is still an unconscious event.

Reading in the encyclopaedia about the embryo, it says there: “Development phase of a little child in the womb; approximately up to the time when the organs have been developed and start functioning (roughly the first three months).” ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier however writes in his article “Zeugung, Bewusstsein und Persönlichkeit des Menschen”, “Stimme der Wassermannzeit”, Nr. 143, (the English translation will appear in an upcoming issue of the “Stimme der Wassermannzeit”) that the embryo-phase only lasts until the spirit form reincarnates and the consciousness-block incarnates into the embryo, which occurs on the 21st day after conception. He says: “… At this point, the pulsing natural instinct-wise state of life of the embryo changes into a conscious living-process. This means it’s no longer an embryo but a foetus whose small heart now starts to beat and work. The conscious life of the foetus’ consciousness begins, and in this form the foetus develops itself into a human being.”

Before the 21st day after conception there is nothing in the embryo that allows it to develop into a human individual. The reincarnation of the spirit form and the incarnation of the consciousness-block (= whole mental-block with consciousness, ego, personality, memory, character and sub-consciousness, built up according to the values of the previous personalities) into the embryo is what starts the process of ‘becoming a human being’.

The spirit form embeds itself into the colliculus superior (Latin, higher hill), an inconspicuous, nodal point at the top of the midbrain. From there it distributes itself in a filigree-like way throughout the entire body and enlivens the organism. This invisible, finest spirit tissue, the spirit body, infuses not only each part and each organ of the body, but also each cell; nothing in the body exists that is not infused and enlivened by the spirit form. The colliculus superior is also the source for the enlivenment of the body’s motor functions which immediately come to a standstill when the spirit form leaves the centre of the colliculus superior. (The spirit form’s power however remains in the cell for a certain time, even if the spirit form is no longer present, that’s why it is possible to use the body’s organs for transplant, if they are removed from the body under certain conditions.)

Referring to the radio cell network we can say that the antenna — as transmitting and receiving station — is the spirit form, which receives its energy from Creation in the form of cosmic-electromagnetic life energy. Contrary to the radio antenna which gets its power from some type of power generating station, the cosmic electromagnetic life energy is inexhaustible.

We have now talked about the spirit tissue, the body of the spirit form. The question is now: How does the mentality as mental fluidal power enter the cells and organs? Is there also a mental-block body whose invisible mentality-tissue permeates each organ of the body and each cell, to leave its marks? Like an invisible band with many different frequencies within a certain waveband? It really is like that. The consciousness-block — and in it the 'sub' consciousness — starts functioning as a transmitting as well as receiving station as soon as it becomes fixed in the human brain, and the mentality is part of the consciousness-block, which is, during the human being’s lifetime, subject to some changes — even if they are often only marginal. These changes are dependent on how human beings lead their lives, or rather their thinking and their will to learn. (The appropriate receiving stations of the cells appear to be the receptors, which I will discuss later.)

During the time in the womb, the foetus builds up its basic character, which is, in fact, based on influences received through the mother — and also those influences from the outer world, such as from the father, siblings, relatives etc., passed on by her — and is in constant unconscious impulse-wise contact with the storage banks of the overall consciousness-block. The foetus’s consciousness-block (i.e. the subconscious) is set to the frequencies of its overall consciousness-block’s data. (Also postnatal, the consciousness-block [more precisely the subconscious] is adjusted to the storage banks, but then to the planetary ones which contain all the data of the previous personalities and the data which is automatically stored during the current lifetime.) Most of these values are not only stored in the memory — that also consists of cells — and in the storage banks, but are also stored as mental fluidal powers, as fine material electromagnetic vibrations in each single cell and are updated lifelong, like a re-chargeable biological battery.

I remember having read somewhere in one of the Spirit Lessons of the Spiritual Teaching or in a book by ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier that everything that is of a fine substance lies over the coarse and that the fine also needs to be protected. Consequently this also means that everything in our body which is of fine (e.g. mentality) and finest (Spirit) energies hover over the things which are of coarse energies (bones, organs, muscles, nerves, etc.).

I often forget the fact that everything in the universe is based on information, frequency and vibration, without exception. In this respect, we and everything else around us are all strolling ‘bodies of rotation-vibration’ differing in forms of compactness and frequency — and also everything is connected with each other by impulses. It is therefore no longer amazing that all information — including the information that we produce ourselves — enters our cells from outside or inside the body through special receptors and gives rise to effects which impact our well-being or ill-being. From a physical point of view, we are constantly broadcasting electromagnetic or acoustic interferences that are constructive or destructive.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier writes in the Spirit Lesson no. 127 of the Spiritual Teaching, on page 1557 (in German only) the following about this fact in the third principle of “The Seven Principles of All Existence” by Nokodemjon-Henoch:

3. The third principle is the all-universal and all-existing vibration of all forms of the spiritual, physical and conscious-ness, and so in all spirit and matter.

All existence is in constant vibrational restlessness through the movement of the periodic constitutional change of state in all levels of the spirit and matter.

… The vibration differs depending on the prevailing form’s type. Each vibration is generated according to the corresponding frequency which is produced by the prevailing form, and this form can be all sorts of things, such as a human, spiritual, animal or plant life-form, a stone, water, air, a tree, fire or anything else that exhibits a visible or invisible, a tangible or intangible manifestation.

It follows that everything that exists in a spiritual or material form is integrated into a certain vibration, that results from a specific frequency of the respective manifestation, life-form or fine or coarse matter, whereas this frequency in specific individual form only belongs to the respective manifestation. The reason is because each manifestation, be it any kind of spiritual, human, animal or plant form of life or any material of a fine or coarse imprint, exhibits a fundamental and individual frequency out of which also results an individual vibration.

Not only are the vibrations dependent on their spiritual and material forms of appearance and their frequencies, but the forms of appearance are also dependent on their frequencies and vibrations, for everything is based on reciprocity. This applies to the whole existence and to the whole movement of the universe in all of its spiritual and material forms, from the highest pure spirit of Creation down to the molecule, atom and electron of the coarsest matter. The conditions of all forms of appearance are dependent on their vibrations as the vibrations again are dependent on their forms of appearance.

But the forms of appearance and their vibrations are again dependent on the state of evolution and the level of evolution in which they exist, as well as on the opportunity to evolve, in which each form of appearance and its vibration are placed/categorised, no matter whether they are of spiritual or material nature, and so in the spiritual, physical and consciousness.”

If we consider the anatomy of a human being and visualise everything in manifold forms of different reciprocally rotating vibrations of a certain frequency range — which is by no means easy —, then the skeleton surely has the lowest frequency, followed by the inner organs, the nervous system and the skin. Of course, a lot of other elements should be listed — the human being after all is a marvellous thing of relative perfection —, but I’m really no authority in this respect.

Although I don’t know a lot about cells, these tiny little things have always fascinated me. In principle they are like little human beings; they contain everything, even a ‘brain’. (Bruce Lipton thinks that the cell’s brain is its membrane and not the DNA in the cell’s nucleus which is what many other people suspect or claim.) According to Bruce Lipton there are two functional classes of Integral Membrane Proteins (IMPs), receptor proteins and effector proteins. (Receptor = Receiver: organ to accept external impulses/signals.) Receptor IMPs are the cell’s sense organs, the sensory nerves, i.e. the equivalent of our eyes, ears, nose, taste buds, feelers, etc. The effector proteins are like processors which take care of the programs that control and regulate, similar to our ‘consciousness’ programs.

Receptors function as molecular ‘nano-antennas’, and are tuned to respond to specific environmental signals. Some receptors extend inward from the membrane surface to monitor the internal milieu of the cell. Other receptor proteins extend from the cell’s outer surface, monitoring external signals. Cells possess a uniquely ‘tuned’ receptor protein for every environmental signal that needs to be read.

It is quite clear that there are receptors that respond to physical signals, but many do not consider that the receptors’ ‘antennas’ are also able to read vibrational energy fields such as light, sound, and radio frequencies — and most scientists who have a vested interest in the economic aspects of electromagnetic use deny such a thing vehemently, otherwise they would also have to admit that electromagnetic fields (so called electronic smog) from power lines, radar, microwaves, satellites, and wireless communication networks and devices, etc. reach the cells and cause negative effects.

We also know that extremely disharmonic music, shouting and squabbling, hatred etc. not only harm our brain and our psyche but also our organs — and even the foetus in the womb is negatively affected, as the harmful frequencies enter the mother’s body and reach its cells. Harmonic music however, like e.g. by Mozart, or a song sung by a pleasing voice, loving and gentle words make our psyche and each of our cells harmonious and healthy.

The antennas on these ‘energy’ receptors, as they are called by Bruce Lipton, vibrate like tuning forks. If an energy vibration in the environment resonates with a receptor’s antenna, it will alter the protein’s charge, causing the receptor to change shape. (Tsong 1989) It is like a lock and key; when there is a match, the protein changes its conformation.

I seem to share Bruce Lipton’s preference for using the computer as an analogy, for in the sub-chapter, "The Secret of Life", he writes the following:

”… I grabbed the book 'Understanding Your Microprocessor' and found in the introduction a definition of a computer chip that read: ‘A chip is a crystal semiconductor with gates and channels.’ For the first second or two I was struck by the fact that the chip and cell membrane shared the same technical definition. I spent several more intense seconds comparing and contrasting biomembranes with silicon semiconductors. I was momentarily stunned when I realized that the identical nature of their definitions was not a coincidence. The cell membrane was indeed a structural and functional equivalent (homologue) of a silicon chip!

… The fact that the cell membrane and a computer chip are homologues means that it is both appropriate and instructive to better fathom the workings of the cell by comparing it to a personal computer. The first big-deal insight that comes from such an exercise is that computers and cells are programmable. The second corollary insight is that the programmer lies outside the computer/cell. Biological behavior and gene activity are dynamically linked to information from the environment, which is downloaded into the cell.

As I conjured up a biocomputer, I realized that the nucleus is simply a memory disk, a hard drive containing the DNA programs that encode the production of proteins. Let’s call it the Double Helix Memory Disk. In your home computer you can insert such a memory disk containing a large number of specialized programs like word processing, graphics and spreadsheets. After you download those programs into active memory, you can remove the disk from the computer without interfering with the program that is running. When you remove the Double Helix Memory Disk by removing the nucleus, the work of the cellular protein machine goes on because the information that created the protein machine has already been downloaded. Enucleated cells get into trouble only when they need the gene programs in the ejected Double Helix Memory Disk to replace old proteins or make different proteins.

… So it was with a jolt that I realized that the gene-containing nucleus does not program the cell. Data is entered into the cell/computer via the membrane’s effector proteins, which represent the cell’s ‘keyboard’ (Annotation: where the input is entered). Receptors trigger the membrane’s effector proteins, which act as the cell/computer’s ‘Central Processing Unit’ (CPU). The ‘CPU’ effector proteins convert environmental information into the behavioral language of biology …”

These ‘Energy’-Receptors surely receive all energies that dock as proteins irrespective of being measurable or not (i.e. for the time being). The effect in the cells is proven even when everything runs invisibly. Furthermore I think that in the ‘processor’ of the effector proteins everything ever possible is pre-programmed by Creation, similar to our consciousness-programs.

I often ask myself how stupid we must be to slowly but surely destroy ourselves simply through our thoughts, feelings and actions — and what we allow to affect us. Of course our polluted air and our food that is denatured and contaminated with hormones and pesticides are also harmful for us, but this is our own fault. We would have it in our hands to create a humane and consciousness-supporting life if we did not continuously grow and want to have more of everything, starting with money and the massive overpopulation.

Create for yourself a vivid image of how our cells suffer if we harm our psyche by negative and bad thoughts and feelings and build up a mentality that leads us towards the abyss. Our posture is bowed down, the eyes cloudy, the corners of our mouth turn downwards, the skin turns pale, we are grumpy, harsh, react indignantly and feel weak and tired. However if we are pleased about the small things in life and always smile — although there may not always be a reason for it —, are kind, tolerant, patient and compassionate and understanding towards ourselves and the others, then we would be ready to take on anything, and we would move with elegance and with a spring in our steps.

If we want to be healthy and strong, then we only have to allow our psyche to light up through happy thoughts and feelings; grumpiness and depressive brooding are taboo. (According to scientific studies, in chronically depressed patients, the hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex, the centre of higher reasoning, are physically shrunken.)

We all have heard and read a lot about the placebo effect (Placebos: The Power/Cause of Positive Beliefs) and also have made use of it consciously or unconsciously, but there is also a nocebo effect (Nocebos: The Power/Cause of Negative Beliefs) something that up to now was new for me, although it is quite clear and logical that we produce not only positive but also negative effects, depending on our way of thinking or our mentality.

A negative frequency and vibration received and passed on by the cell membrane’s receptor protein starts a program in the ‘processor’ of the effector protein that has a negative effect on the cell. If we for example read about the possible heavy negative side effects of a medication, then these negative effects can, depending on our attitude, be much stronger than the Doctor’s suggested help and also stronger than our wish to get healthy again.

Phobias of any kind (obsessive fear) and a constant negative attitude towards everything are the worst psyche and cell killers — apart from the great challenge of living with such a negative thinker. But also thoughtless words directed at another human being can cause a nocebo effect and make them psychologically and physically ill — and can even lead to their death —, if they believe the words, i.e. are convinced of their correctness. There are enough examples of this from doctors and other medicine men.

It is said that these were the words of Mahatma Gandhi:

Your beliefs become your thoughts

Your thoughts become your words

Your words become your actions

Your actions become your habits

Your habits become your values

Your values become your destiny.

I don’t know if he really said it like that. Unfortunately a human being obtains many convictions and beliefs that are either passed down by their parents or otherwise adopted and they have to first free themselves of these convictions and beliefs in order to find the truth. If wrong beliefs and convictions are used as the basis of thoughts, then not only are the words wrong, but also the actions, the habits, the values and the destinies. If we however systematically practise the following words of Nokodemjon's mental-block-meditation, then our mental-block, that is our consciousness, thoughts and feelings as well as our psyche  is full of well-being — and the effect will not fail to appear. Each of our cells is being flushed, and our mental fluidal powers surround us like a reliable protective shield, because our mental-block directs and determines our whole life in any form whatsoever. The whole mental-block is the most important factor concerning our way of life and conduct of life (see “Meditation aus klarer Sicht”, in German only; Wassermannzeit-Verlag, CH-8495 Schmidrueti).

The words shall be thought as reality, in the form: "So it is":

Please use the German text for your meditation!

German Original English Translation

Ich lebe in Liebe.
Ich lebe in Frieden.
Ich lebe in Freiheit.
Ich lebe in Harmonie.
Ich lebe unbeschwert.
Ich lebe in Gesundheit.
Ich lebe in Freude.

1. I live in love.
2. I live in peace.
3. I live in freedom.
4. I live in harmony.
5. I live blithefully*
6. I live in health.
7. I live in joy.

*joyously and carefree


Translation by Willem Mondria & Mariann Uehlinger Mondria


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