Meditation and Work

The following unofficial translation by Southern England Interest Group for the FIGU Mission, June 2016,
is from Spiritual-Teaching Lesson, pages 473-475,
contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.


German Original English Translation

Spiritual-teaching-lesson - Meditation and Work

As each meditation-learner must know, there are three most important prerequisites for the human advancement in every wise.

1. Work
2. Meditation
3. Teaching and Evolution

The work which the human being has to perform daily is not only a way or the way, in general, to support his or her life, rather, the work is also the way to the creational and to the Creation itself. But work is not only the way in order to test inner worth, rather, a certain measure of it is also there in order to bring forth the natural equalisedness of the human being. For this reason it is in no single case advisable to completely refrain from the work and to simply withdraw yourself from it, because through such a false behaviour resentment, unequalisedness, imbalance and boredom etc. only all-to-easily come into being. A non-work also leads to unreal visionary conditions with which the human being falls into a kind of middle-world of purely subjective experiences, still without having a regular connecting-point and a regular hold on the world of reality, neither in the world of the material nor in the world of the spiritual.

Work for the human being in his or her physical form is indeed of highest importance, after all the activity of the work should be seen like this, that it is performed first and foremost for the creational. But for the human being to be creational not only means that he or she shall work only for the Creation, rather, also for himself or herself and for his or her life-welfare/ subsistence. Therefore, a human being who performs a work for his or her life-welfare/ subsistence is creational in relation to himself or herself and in his or her wellbeing and in his or her advancement. Like this it can be seen that the human being is creational for himself or herself through an appropriate performance/output, because he or she finds and creates a means through his or her performance/output which facilitates the life-welfare/ subsistence. For this reason it means: work, which is performed entirely on it's own for the creational and for nothing else can truly be very effective, like the meditation itself. While the human being keeps his or her thoughts, his or her concentration, his or her will and his or her affairs directed on the creational he or she creates love, becomes laws- and recommendation-fulfilled and therefore evolutive. Also his or her psychical Wesen changes itself to an equalised form, which then noticeably emerges.

The same power that works in the human being during the meditation or through the meditation can be effective on any work and support this, in which case the prerequisite is given that the human being learns to open and use/apply these powers. But still to be mentioned in this connection is that a direct-meditation during the work itself should not be attempted, rather, the work itself shall only be influenced through the meditation. In other words this means that any work shall be carefully performed as a contribution in a creational form without any desires or without any egoism, in connection and in equanimity with the spirit and with a quiet equanimity. This shall be kept so in happy/fortunate times and in sad/unfortunate times and indeed for the sake of one's own evolution. Every human being shall be clear that work simply shall not and cannot be done for the sake of a personal gain, rather, for the sake of the creational. Also therein lies a reward and a success which lies in the human being's consciousness and out of which he or she is able to recognise the creational power itself.

Any work which is carried out with this truthly knowledge and with this truthly attitude means an extremely mightful method on the way of his or her evolution for the human being. And with work any work is meant, any spiritual work as well as any material/physical work. The irrational opinion of the human being that a material and bodily work is secondary/subordinate to spiritual work represents nothing other than an absolute boastfulness of the human intellect, which is not able to comprehend the fundamental truth, because the human being always imagines himself or herself better than he or she truthly is. However, the truth regarding this is that hand-work is just as valueful as spiritual work and that spiritual-work and material hand-work together or alternatively must be performed in the same measure if a usable success is to ensue in an evolutive form. No human being can avoid, if he or she truly wants to be evolutive, that he or she performs both forms of the work alternately or together, so namely, material hand-work AND spirit work.

The question of how shall the human being go about this self-opening with the work now arises here, therefore a one-becoming with the creational shows an effect in his or her works. Therefore, the human being begins quite simply, that he or she innerly gathers and brings/feeds his or her work a dedication/consecration as soon as he or she accepts it. If a work-interruption ensues then the human being shall use this time to concentrate on his or her work again in a new form and to take joy/happiness in the knowledge that the activity of his or her work is creational. The human being must simply strive for the help of the creational itself and he or she must always make himself or herself conscious of the helping presence of the creational again in a new form. The human being must concentrate himself or herself in his or her thoughts and appeal to the creational in himself or herself in order to raise/elevate his or her own Wesen and the Wesen of his or her work and in order to change the activity of the consciousness with the creational power

It is in no wise so that the human being thinks constantly about the creational, about the Creation, about his or her evolution and about everything spiritual during his or her work, for through the activity of the creational work this process basically occurs in the background of the spiritual consciousness and of the spiritual power by itself or that factor which allows the human being to work in the double thinking shows an effect. This double thinking is based in the capability that a thinking works in the foreground and at the same time an innerly thinking takes place which observes and always remembers the creational. This method of double thinking can bring a fairly large success for the human being, even if it is as a rule kept going for a very long time, often decades or almost an entire lifetime, until it is truly unfolded and can be brought to use.

The absolute ideal condition with the work is if the material consciousness un-coercible concentrates on the distinct energy of the spiritual power, from out of which a relaxing stillness and quiet can be conducted-over to the material consciousness. However, the distractedness of the human being's material consciousness, as a rule, disturbs this balance of relaxed stillness, of relaxed quiet and collected/intense concentrated energy. However, if the human being can attain this ideal condition of double thinking then all of his or her work becomes work-less work because he or she then performs this in absolutely fully developed joy and in the consonance of equalisedness. This may keep the human being's awareness always on his or her life-way and he or she may also work meditatively with regard to this. Truly; the human being can often deny and lose the correct attitude in his or her life and in his or her actions and thinking, nevertheless however, and for that reason the human being may never lose his or her patience and his or her dogged striving for the relative absolute fulfilment of the evolution shall never suffer from it.

To conclude it shall still be pointed out that the work in and for itself is only a preparation and only a suitable aid, just like the meditation also is in order to finally achieve the way of the evolutive and the definitive Ziel. But it shall also be explained that all beginnings bring great difficulties with itself, also the meditation, whilst the committed way is also paved full with many thorns, with strain, privations and hardships. However, as already explained work and meditation are two absolute equal means in order to realise the creational self in the human being and to practice the evolution. Work and mediation belong together, just like the physical and spiritual body. Every meditator should now try to see and to perform his or her daily work from this aspect in every wise. If the human being tries to see these things from this truthly sight then this thing is certainly a very big help for his or her material hand-work as well as for his or her spiritual activity.


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