NASA’s “Most Important” Jupiter Discovery Published First – by UFO Prophet - October 31, 2011

Skeptical challenge actually proves Billy Meier published scientific information about Jupiter five months before NASA; astronomer refuses to look at information indicating extraterrestrial source is only possible conclusion

(PRWEB) October 31, 2011

According to NASA, the most important discovery of the 1979 Voyager mission to Jupiter was that its moon, Io, was the most volcanically active body in the solar system. The mission also established that there were rings around Jupiter, some comprised of volcanic material from Io, and that the moon Europa was covered in ice.

Billy Meier photo - UFO circling tree

One of a series of photos of a UFO circling a tree, taken by Billy Meier in Switzerland

It now appears to have been conclusively proven, in part by skeptical challengers, that Swiss UFO prophet, Billy Meier, first published that information in October 1978 – five months before NASA’s official discovery and announcement.

Skeptical Challenge

In 2004, the professional skeptic’s group, IIG, accused Meier of both backdating and publishing inaccurate information about Jupiter. In October 2011, Michael Horn, Meier’s American media representative, published a rebuttal claiming that scientific documentation – and IIG’s own report – clearly confirm Meier’s accuracy.

"The IIG article was recently cited on a skeptical blog, which led me to re-investigate. I was quickly able to confirm that Meier published it...long before NASA. And, surprisingly. nobody had noticed that the IIG document itself actually supports Meier's accuracy! But even after this vindication the skeptics, some of whom claimed to be scientists, actually refused to look at Meier’s Jupiter-Io information. One can’t credibly claim to be a scientist and a skeptic because they are diametrically opposed to each other.

"Skeptics, by definition, enter the discussion with prejudice and preconceived beliefs, which is an unscientific, religious approach. Scientists rely on objectivity and logic, in order to discover what is true…even if it contradicts a personal belief. The fact that they refused to ‘look through the telescope’ is no different than what the Church did with Galileo centuries ago.

"Fortunately, there are some very experienced, high-level scientists, like astrophysicist David Froning, who state that they have benefited from Meier’s information. I think the inescapable conclusion is that Billy Meier’s impeccably accurate scientific information could only have come from extraterrestrial sources. There are no other possibilities left to consider.

"If people can grasp that, then they will realize that this is the most important story in all of human history." said Horn.

The Silent Revolution of Truth, the documentary about the real-life adventures of Billy Meier, including his fascinating role as the "Phantom", is now available for free viewing online.


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