National Geographic Article, New Science Journal Study Confirm Billy Meier Information on Prehistoric Humans - August 30, 2011

Swiss prophet again years ahead of scientists, proved right about causes of death of 5,100 year-old Iceman, human sexual interactions with Neanderthals; two more corroborations of Meier’s scientific information on human caused environmental damage also published.
National Geographic(PRWEB) August 30, 2011


Articles published in National Geographic magazine and the journal Science confirm information first published by Swiss prophet Billy Meier years before. In 2002, National Geographic reported that scientific testing, done a year early, at an Italian hospital determined the cause of death of the 5,100 year-old Iceman. The mummy, called Otzi by the scientists because of the region in the Austrian Alps in which it was discovered, had an arrowhead lodged in its back, leading the scientists to conclude that the cause of death was murder at the hands of others.

In 2007, National Geographic updated their information in the second article they published on the story, adding that a head wound had contributed to the circumstances causing the Iceman’s death.

Meier had already Published BOTH Causes

However, Billy Meier had already twice published the information pertaining to the discovery, and circumstances accounting for the death, of the Iceman, first in1991 and then in again in 1996.

According to Michael Horn, Meier’s American media representative, “Meier’s publication with the copyright date of 1996 eliminates any possibility of backdating. It’s five years before ‘official discovery’ of the arrowhead and 11 years before the head injury was added to the official causes of death. Scientists recently discovered a stony platform some 20 feet above where the mummy was found. The newly confirmed head injury is completely consistent with what Meier was told by the extraterrestrial who gave him the information. It plainly states that the man fell – very hard since the German word used means to crash – and that he landed on his back and on his arrow. Let’s also remember that a broken arrow was also found near his body."

Horn added, “Is there some magical way that a man falling that hard, presumably from some height, and landing on his back in a rocky region DOESN'T hit and injure his head, and quite severely at that? And with all of the possible ways a person could die, 5,100 years ago in a cold, rugged mountainous region, how did Meier know it was from a fall and an… arrow – which scientists confirmed all of these centuries later?”

Neanderthals and Human Beings

While there has been much speculation as to what, if any, interactions may have occurred between early human beings and Neanderthals, Meier published information, in 2008, that stated that early human beings had in fact hunted and cannibalized Neanderthals, contributing to their extinction, and also had sexual relations and interbred with them. This has apparently been confirmed in three recent articles, all published more than a year after Meier’s, the most recent one on August 25, 2011.

“That Science journal article also echoes exactly what Meier was told regarding the relative infrequency of the interbreeding. How is it possible that he has scooped our scientists on such major discoveries again…unless he really does have a source infinitely more advanced than our best scientists?” said Horn.

The Fukushima Disaster

Startling reports, again on August 25, that the levels of cesium radiation at Fukushima were 168 times that of the bombs dropped at Hiroshima draw attention to Meier’s information, from March 19, 2011, that the super worst-possible-case-scenario has already occurred.

According to Horn, “At the time that Meier published the information about Fukushima we knew nothing – officially – of the real magnitude of the damage, such as the cesium related information. It can also be said with absolute certainty that all of the rest of the dire consequences alluded to in Meier’s information will, unfortunately and not surprisingly, be emerging with consequences that extend far into the future.”

USGS Reports Human Activity Causes Earthquakes

The announcement by the USGS, also on August 25, that human activity causes earthquakes further confirmed information that Meier published as early as 1976. Horn said, “These latest corroborations of information regarding the man-made causes of these catastrophes, by a reclusive man in Switzerland, go far beyond coincidence or lucky guesses. The abundance of preemptively published, impeccably accurate scientifically information obviously confounds and silences the skeptics. But as astrophysicist David Froning said, Billy Meier is obviously ‘being cued by some very knowledgeable scientists’. It’s just that their home isn’t here on Earth...but in a star system 500 light years from here.”

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