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"This is a most important and well done documentary, my hope is that it is seen and felt by millions of humans who are ready for this truth and begin to awaken those who are not.

Really, just saying it is a 'documentary' falls short of it's impact, scope and importance, as it is certainly so much more. This body of work bears witness to a turning point for humanity on earth.

It is as if 'Billy' is having a private and intimate conversation with the viewer and the intermingled conversations with others makes it complete.

Watching and experiencing this film brought me much joy, as the core or the essence of Meier's (and the Plejaren) messages is/are really well represented, it also brought me back to many sobering thoughts of the mess mankind has made of this world and himself, but there is still much hope.

My hat is off to Michael and Amy Horn and to all of those who contributed to it as well, in this labor of Love, your countless hours of work and carrying the message have been well spent. From my heart I Thank You!"



"Thank you Michael and Amy for your resolve in producing this invaluable documentary and for bringing this information to the masses, I sincerely hope to see more of this type of content, as I fear it is sorely needed in these times. I have watched your documentary and am deeply thankful for the wisdom it imparts with regards to the spirit teaching as well as the direction it has given me concerning our current situation and future probabilities. It is truly enlightening and immensely helpful. Thank you Michael! and keep up the GREAT work!

The resounding message contained within this documentary is simply this…"WAKE UP HUMANITY, before it is too late!". Already it is too late for certain events which have been set into motion. Natural disasters have been on the rise for decades due to industrialization, huge social upheavals can be observed the world over demanding immediate change or bloody retribution.

It is a mere 24 year until Apophis potentially *doesn’t* collide with Earth, resulting in an unprecedented Global catastrophe. I’ve chosen my words very carefully in stating *"doesn’t"* as impact with earth is imminent unless we as humanity put aside our differences and work together to avert this disaster.

It is abundantly evident that some of humanity is awakening to this reality with scientist and politicians increasingly acknowledging these facts. Progress is being made, but at a painstakingly slow pace undoubtedly because of the inner battles each human faces trying discern *truth* from legacy belief systems, propaganda and fantastical mental constructs.

In this documentary, indelible truths await your acknowledgment. The facts are laid out clearly and simply. But will you heed them? Are you willing to change? Or are you the type of human being who learns only from experience, only from falling, bruising a knee, picking yourself up and then correcting your behavior? If so, will you be able to pick yourself up from what is to come?"



"Review of ‘As the time fulfills’: This is an excellent follow up movie to ‘The Silent Revolution of Truth’, with more interviews of Billy Meier which Michael captured on film. It now includes Billy's integrated insight of the Henoch prophecies, (Russian troop build-ups, Civil Wars in America and Europe) and Billy's interview can add some added cognitions to those who have future negative events weighing heavily on their Psyche. It was interesting to see Billy is adding to the book of names for future generations, and this movie adds insight to Billy's ongoing contacts with the Plejaren. To all the skeptics, Michael's 22-minute presentation of scientifically corroborated information should be enough to dispel all doubt and skepticism, even as a veteran, I learned a lot in those 22 minutes.

This movie includes shocking information about the USA Apollo 11 and 13 missions (I won't spoil it for you), and includes more insight about the coming future times to the humanity here on Earth. With an upcoming choice in the US Presidential election, the insight on Obama versus Romney was a nice addition, with Michael showing a translated excerpt of Ptaah's statements about Romney. Michael's incorporation of the Spiritual Teaching symbols into the end of the film was a nice treat, and Michael's voice throughout the film is like a loyal companion who won’t let you go throughout the journey, which is "As time fulfills". This movie is for those who are both following the Billy Meier case, as well as those who are new to the case, I think both will find it enjoyable and enlightening. If you are at all curious about Billy watch the film!"



"One of the most 'Scientifically PROVEN' cases predictively speaking ever, of all time, with one of the most critical and 'timely' messages to humanity 'Now'. A must see. Highly recommended! So much proof is presented, and the simple messages something we all need to consider and ponder upon, and revisit from time to time."



"I was emotionally moved by the new film. Thank you very much! I will purchase copies of the DVD to keep on hand to distribute to those who are interested. I don't know what our connection is except to say that I have felt connected with you since I first heard your voice. The impact you've had on my life is immeasurable! I cannot express the depth of my gratitude to you! I also want to thank you for the wonderful surprise by including me in the credits. I never imagined or expected it. Thank you for being a true human being!"



"As the viewer starts watching this documentary, the initial expression may come about as a seemingly simple yet eloquently primed movie. However, suddenly he/she is transferred to a virtual library and gets bombarded with extraordinarily fact-based corroborations that seem more like pages of some hidden history book unveiling right before one’s eyes.

The information is so abundant that you find yourself pausing the movie over and over again to soak in the truth behind this seemingly simple documentary. This is a well prepared confirmation by my dear friend Michael that truth is indeed too simple to be recognized as demonstrated in the core of Meier’s material, The Spiritual teachings!

This is certainly my heartfelt thanks to Michael for always being in the right side of history, which by the way is presently the hardest side of it for a public personality to be at.

However, no one demonstrated it better than you my friend that somewhere in time, due to the irrefutable law of cause and effect, your untiring effort will be paid off.




"I finally got to see AtTF and was very impressed. The work you two did, combined with Benjamin and Mahesh (and many others), produced a terrific new archive of corroborated prophesies and predictions for the English-speaking word which represents a uniquely valuable and accessible resource for anyone who may happen to be interested in the reality we're all subject to.

So thanks and congratulations!"



"I watched the new documentary, it was extremely good! Nice footage, editing, sound effects and music and really good information, lots of scientific corroborations, more than enough to erase any doubt of someone about the genuineness of the contacts. I was very happy watching this wonderful documentary."



"'As the time fulfills' is the great successor of another film from Michael Horn 'The silent revolution of truth' that both describe the importance of Billy Meiers work, thus his spirit teaching known as: 'Lehre des Geistes, Lehre der Wahrheit, Lehre des Geistes' and contacts with Plejaren.

'As the time fulfills' provides personal views and thoughts Billys, unseen yet somewhere else, on various topics, such as: spirit teaching, self-responsibility, problems with religions, overpopulation, Apollo 11 moon landing hoax, demonstrations against Wall Street, realities of using 'free energy', false UFO attack, Illuminati influences, Obama and the Plejaren on Obama and Romney etc.

There are other people from different countries, with various backgrounds as well, speaking about their opinions regarding UFOs/ETs, what matters in life etc.

You may want to take look on plenty of corroborated information from contact reports with extraterrestrial, as the various described topics were only confirmed (often many) years later by earth scientists. This provides an ultimate proof for all thinking people that Billys information are of huge interest, great value and importance for everyone on Earth. It is definitely the highest time that this kind of movie deserves unprejudiced attention of everyone on this planet, who is willing to learn. May the message be correctly understood and at the same time inspiration for as many as possible. Excellent work, Michael!

And, by the way, the filmed is accompanied with nice music & lyrics – pay the attention to the beautiful song after the subtitles. Shouldn´t remain unnoticed :-)"



"Yesterday, which was Saturday for us in the united States, I watched "as the time fulfills..." together with my husband, and I must say we have enjoyed every moment of it, esp. Billy's laughter that is very catching and wonderful! :-))) Michael and Amy put together yet another truly wonderful documentary. I also enjoyed the corroborations. To see more of Billy speaking in this documentary was very gratifying. To me it's the next best thing to when I will actually meet with him in person next year...yes, it felt up close and personal. :-))) Thank you dear Michael and do convey the same to your wife, Amy. We are truly grateful to Billy and to all those who came together to make this documentary happen together with Michael and Amy. :-)"



"Michael Horn and new Wife Amy along with friends and interested persons have put together a truly unique video unlike any seen before. This video shows you the viewer undoubted evidence of (Billy) Eduard Meier's and the Plejaren's long ago foretold prophesies and the proof of them becoming a reality. With copyrighted documents from both Eduard Meier and corroborated articles from earth human sources this video hits home just how undeniably real and truthful the 70 year long "Billy Meier Case" truly is and how much nothing has been done by the earth human to change for the better and for the good and heed warnings.

While some sceptics and general persons are arguing and working hard to fulfil their own beliefs that Eduard Meier is a fraud and a liar through beamship photos, which have been proven to be genuine 3 decades ago, the time fulfils for the prophesies. Anyone who puts a little time and effort into doing their own research can prove the authenticity of the information given to the earth humans.

So sit down, open your ears and your mind to what you are about to see and hear, with interviews from Eduard Meier filmed in his private office."



"Just watched "as the time fulfills" by Michael and Amy Horn Finally... a concise, realistic expose' on one of the most intriguing and interesting individuals of all time... and to top it off... who he was previously... in a former incarnation/ incarnations to be one of the most waited for... anticipated beings to grace us with his presence... See this film... it is well done, and filmed in Switzerland, London, Paris, Brazil and the US.

Find out who this man was known as previously..."



"I enjoyed your new film very much. The Apollo 13 revelation by Billy was juicy information indeed. The prophecy corroboration piece was well done and may actually get some skeptics that give the material only cursory glance and proclaim it fabrication pause and reconsideration."



"What a wonderful surprise! Thank you MH for another awesome Billy Meier film. It is always great to see Billy in interviews. THANK YOU!!! Thanks too, Amy. You two did a great job differentiating this from the other Billy Meier movies. I liked all the examples of predictions from the Contact notes that have been proven in the news. I did not know that you had found so many; and there are probably a lot more that people can dig up. I am glad you asked Billy about Obama. I know I asked about it here. I have been a harsh critic of Obama, but now I see where Billy is coming from. Obama is our only chance at peace in these shark-infested waters that our leaders swim. I sure hope that Romney does not win.

It was neat to see other things like Billy’s arm pillow. If I had anything to criticize it would be that you guys didn’t put name subtitles for the Figu people you interviewed. And I would have loved to have seen an interview with Christian Frehner and other Figu core group members. And I wish the Plejaren would give us some new pictures and video. But nothing is perfect. I hope you continue to make more Billy Meier films.

The new film is just simply wonderful. Although not as polished as the Jack Gerlach film ‘The Silent Revolution of Truth’ in terms of cinemagraphics, Michael and Amy Horn do a splendid job of taking home video, stills, slides and interviews and putting it to similar distortion and unique camera angles. And Michael Horn’s music is outstanding. The scratchy hip-hop or reverse music instrumentals that were used gave the soundtrack a futuristic feel. Although this film should prove once and for all that Billy Meier has been telling the truth for decades, with news article after news article of stuff coming true from the things that where said months and years before in the Contact Notes, most people in the UFO community will continue to bury their heads in the sand regarding this most remarkable UFO case in history because it questions people’s belief system. This film is a treasure for the open-minded and the true critics out there who have questioned religion and what it really means to be spiritual. This film provides another chapter in the Billy Meier movie library, with new interviews with Billy about current events and things that matter to the friends and people of FIGU. Anybody in the Billy Meier community who has waited patiently for the Questions to Billy Answered thread on the FIGU forum to open back up again will love this film. Here is a chance to see Billy one on one cover so called "free energy", the truth about the Illuminati and Zionism conspiracy, as well as a real surprise about Apollo 13. This film is a must have for anybody who has discovered the truth and wants more."



"This past weekend I had the opportunity to meet with Michael and Amy Horn and we watched their new Meier film 'As the Time Fulfills'. It's a great film! I can't wait for everyone to see it. It should be available sometime in September. It's quite a bit different than the 'Silent Revolution of Truth'."



"Thanks for the work involved in getting another source of information out on the mission of 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM). Although there was much I was already aware of, there was also so much more I wasn't aware of. The biggest eye opener was re: Apollo 13 and its involvement in the Apollo 11 cover-up.

The format of this new film regarding interview segments with Billy and validation of the contact reports by earth scientists/experts was also very beneficial in providing the beginnings of a domino effect that I'm sure will continue well into the future of corroboration and validation of the contact reports and the volumes of knowledge they contain.

Keep up the great work!

Thanks & Salome"



"The documentary presents a no nonsense, tsunami of prophecy and predictions, to ignore this evidence, nay, this proof, is literally a crime against the future of humanity. Michael again over delivers what he promises, I was refreshed to watch Billy Meiers, matter of fact attitude when presenting and commenting on the information in this documentary. I could not help think about future generations viewing the prophet being interviewed by Michael. When I was young I often thought how great it would have been to actually meet those great biblical personalities. Someday in say 500 too 1,000 years from now, people will be thinking the same. It will be because of the Prophet, the Plejarans and other enlightened people, such as Michael and Amy and the good people at "FIGU", that makes this possible, that is, if enough of us listen and do something at all levels of society. That something is becoming very obvious, self-responsibility. We owe it to future generations, to pave the way back to a sane and responsible planet. To wait for our leaders, heroes, or miracles, is the way to ruin and quite possibly the extinction of all life on Earth. It was also good to see real people at both sides of the issues, presented, in courteous and relevant interviews. Finally the presentation of a mountain of dated, corroborated, fulfilled prophecies, is a show stopper, and must be cause to study and understand what Billy says, will or could happen, the rest is up to us, a road map is provided, by the prophet."



"Excellent documentary. Good work corroborating all of the information. I think that anybody who truly looks at Billy's work without prejudice and with an enquiring mind will discover it's truthfulness. Thanks Michael and congratulations."



"I've just finished watching your new film: An excellent work and a great contribution to our mission! Thank you very much!"



"Congratulations to the success of your Billy Meier documentary :-) Yes, I enjoy it very much, we are just too thirsty and too lucky to be able to see Billy on video, a man in flesh and blood, healthy and sane, messages direct from his own mouth, and with solid & indisputable proofs on the authenticity of the case, all these will trigger interest and the urge to keep digging in.

I love to see Billy's laughter, a man who suffered so much for the sake of the humanity, he eventually can laugh so wholeheartedly, meaning his mission is a success, I feel very comforting to see him laugh."

The music and editing style is nice as well, it ended with a beautiful and meaningful song, what a documentary!"



"The most important message for all Human Beings of Earth. Clearly laid out and easy to follow full of evidence corroborating proving Billy’s on going contacts with the Plejaren. Learn of the grave danger that now faces the Earth Human Being as the long told prophecies have warned about.

Now is the time the prophecies begin to be fulfilled BUT! we as Human Beings can change this, for prophecies are changeable they are not predictions. If however the majority of Human Beings ignore and do nothing in regards to changing their ways then the prophecies will become prediction realities.

We can come together and make a change for the better for most people on Earth want that it's only the powerful elite few who start the fire of war.

Thank you to Michael and Amy for putting this together well done and a Very Big Thank you to Billy Eduard Albert Meier the 7th and last prophet and the Plejaren."



'To my pleasant surprise, I accidentally discovered that your new film was already available. I immediately downloaded it and watched it. The film was very well done, and was significantly different from your prior film. This film really did a great job in telling the Meier story in an elegant and informative way. Job well done. I can't wait for the opportunities to watch along with friends who are not familiar with the case."



"This is a well done video with important information. I suggest everyone watch it and gain new insight into what Billy and the Plejaren are doing and what is in store for our future. Many questions are answered. Pay especial attention to the pages with pictures of contact notes. Pause the video and have a read of them. You might be surprised by what you see that isn't said."



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