Meaning of the Peace Symbol

Frieden - Peace.jpg

Salome gam nan ben Urda, gan niber asala hesporoona.
Friede sei auf der Erde und unter allen Geschöpfen.
Peace be on the Earth, and among all creatures.


This is the original Peace Symbol and the following is an explanation to describe the meanings within the Peace Symbol:

- The rectangle symbolises the base-block of peace and life, upon which stands the tree of peace and life and which holds everything fast.

- The two green and five reddish "feathers" represent the seven levels, i.e. consciousness forms, namely:

1. Material Consciousness
2. Material Unconsciousness
3. Material Subconsciousness
4. Material Centralconsciousness
5. Spiritual Consciousness
6. Spiritual Subconsciousness
7. Spiritual Centralconsciousness

- The 2 x 3 "feathers" underneath represent spiritual forms, i.e. swinging waves.

- The two wheels represent the universe and the Creation which are connected with one another.


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