Note about the Peace Meditation

Frieden - Peace.jpg

Salome gam nan ben Urda, gan niber asala hesporoona.
Friede sei auf der Erde und unter allen Geschöpfen.
Peace be on the Earth, and among all creatures.


Note: The Salome Peace Symbol is one of over one million different symbols that Meier was trained, from an early age, to recognize and interpret. The symbols convey specific and apparently universally recognizable (for those that have been trained to understand them) meanings for different words and/or concepts. When the conversations that Meier had with the Plejaren were transmitted back to him (telepathically) for him to transcribe into the German language Contact Reports, they were in symbol form (not in the actual German words themselves). He then would simultaneously receive and translate them into German while he typed the transcripts out, with one hand, at speeds of up to 60 words per minute. This is still how he transcribes the content of the ongoing contacts.

As far as this specific symbol is concerned, please notice the familiar looking central portion of the figure with what appears to be our own familiar peace symbol turned upside down. According to the Plejaren, it is actually our peace symbol that is upside down, effectively creating a more martial, upraised sword-like image, the very antithesis of peace. This may help to explain why many "peace protests", with protesters carrying placards with the familiar peace symbol, often have a more agitated, militant (rather than truly peaceful) feeling about them.

The central portion of the Salome Peace Symbol, inverted from our own, is more representative of a "Tree of Life". In fact, the entire Salome Peace Symbol can be seen to convey an upward and opening energy, a more all-embracing, peaceful image. Consider what might be possible if millions of people who sincerely desire peace were resonating with a more harmonious image, and internal sense, of true peace. How much more "powerful", in a non-aggressive way, might the collective energy be for peace when people embody the energy, essence and understanding of peace?

Peace Symbol Explanation

Research done by John Diamond, M.D. has shown that, among many things, viewing certain images can have the effect of strengthening or weakening people. See:


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