Power of Mindfulness

From Jacob Smits, below is a PDF, and additional information, about the so-called Satipatthäna Meditation Method, which according to Ptaah, originates from Nokodemion:

This is the English version named: “The Power of Mindfulness”, published by the monk “NYANAPONIKA THERA” (mentioned below in contact 249 by Ptaah). 
This PDF is freely obtainable.

To my knowledge there is no official translation of Billy’s books available about Meditation, so I provide this text and its validation within the contact notes “as is”.

I recommend using this text to inform yourself about meditation, if you didn’t do that already.

I do recommend that people who are very serious about learning meditation obtain both of the following books from FIGU, even though they are in German, they are a wealth of information.

“Einführung in die Meditation”

“Meditation aus klarer Sicht”

Contact 249, Monday June 13th 1994

You mean the Buddhist monk Nyanaponika. He obtained his wisdom about meditation from your initial text just as several others did. Furthermore, he and various other individuals also had access to Sfath and Asket's translations.

: Yes, now that you mention all of these things I remember how everything happened during my school years. But it wasn't a dictation manuscript I had produced originally. It was an essay, from which Mr. Lehmann generated a much shorter dictation version for the whole class. It was my essay he copied and mailed out. The wise old man in India, Maha Chohan or, rather, Rahat Sanganan, did not receive this essay directly from teacher Lehmann, but from some monastery bigwig my teacher Lehmann knew and to whom he sent my text.

Contact 355 Friday April 2nd 2004

German original:


20. Die Meditationslehre der Satipatthäna-Methode gehört zur Theravada, die gemäss unserem Verständnis die Lehre der Ordensältesten und zugleich die Bezeichnung für die älteste Buddhismusform ist, die als Palibuddhismus bezeichnet wird und dessen Schriften auch in Pali und Sanskrit verfasst sind.

21. Diese Lehre entstand auf der Erde aber erst nach dem Tod Buddhas und wurde durch 500 Ordensälteste erstellt und festgehalten.

22. Der eigentliche Ursprung der Lehre liegt aber sehr weit zurück, und zwar bei Nokodemion, der urzeitlich die Satipatthäna-Meditationslehre als erarbeitet hat, die zu viel späterer Zeit durch die Weithergereisten aus den Tiefen des Weitenraumes zur Erde gebracht und durch den ersten Buddhismus aufgegriffen wurde, und zwar durch den Palibuddhismus.

28. Diese Übersetzung wurde dann zusammen mit deinem deutschen Text wieder mechanisch vervielfältigt und im Monat Mai 1948 weiter an viele andere buddhistische Ordensälteste und mehrere Ashram verschickt. so unter anderem auch an den Buddhistenmönch Nyanaponika, der, wie viele andere, seine Meditationsweisheit daraus bezog, wie ich schon 1994 erklärte.

English translation (may contain errors):

20.The meditation teaching of the Satipatthäna method belongs to the Theravada, the teaching of the elders of the Order, and also the designation for the oldest form of Buddhism is based on our understanding, which is referred to as Pali-Buddhism and whose writings are written in Pali and Sanskrit.

21. This teaching originated on Earth but only after Buddha's death and was created and held by 500 elders of the order.

22. The actual origin of the teaching lies very far back, namely with Nokodemion, which in primeval times developed the Satipatthäna meditation teaching as the , which was brought at a much later time by the travelers from the depths of space to Earth and picked up by the first Buddhism, the Pali-Buddhism.

28. This translation was then mechanically reproduced together with your German text and sent to many other Buddhist order elders and to several Ashrams in the month of May 1948. So among other things, the Buddhist monk Nyanaponika who, like many others, got his meditation wisdom from that, as I stated already in 1994.

Points 23 - 27 are left out because they did not contain important information regarding this topic, only interesting information.


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