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News Archive from 2012

The Three Alien Groups that Currently Observe the Earth


News Archives from 2011

The Special Evidence: Research Page

The Coward and Fraud Stuart Robbins: Is Book Burning Next?

Confirming Meier's Jupiter Information

Sunspot Activity: Potentially Catastrophic for Earth Electronics

Contact Report 210


Earthquake and Volcano Updates!

The Coming Big California Earthquake

An Open Letter to Stephen Bassett

Documentation of Prophetically Accurate Information from the Plejaren

To Be Like An Extraterrestrial

On Rewriting Our Future History

Un Diplomat, 1964 Newspaper Article Photos Solve Decades Long Mystery

India 1964: The Foundational Evidence

The Crime Against All Life

An Extraordinary Surprise

Will Humanity Wake Up... In Time?

Sink Holes - More Evidence of Cause and Effect?

The Asket and Nera Photos

The Criminal "Alex Collier"


News Archives from 2010

The Cubre Vieja Volcano

Meier on the Truth about Mohammed

BREAKING: Astronaut Edgar Mitchell to Explore Billy Meier UFO Case?

Plejaren: Over 304 Million Gallons Spilled in Gulf!

Now You Have a Ringside Seat to the Fulfillment of the Prophecies, Unfortunately

MUFON Meltdown!

To the Real Scientists

"UFO Experts": Why the Fear and Anger?

The Crime Against All Life

When Will We Learn? (First posted August, 2006)

Apocalypse on the 21st of December 2012

Rosie O'Donnell Discovers Billy Meier!

2012: What We Have Brought Upon Ourselves

Islamistic Terrorists Do Not Represent Islam

The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved... Meier Proved Right Again!

An Open Letter to Stanton Freidman and the UFO Communities

The Deadly Might of Thoughts and Feelings

President Barack Hussein Obama

Turning Point: Hidden in Plain Sight

Population Growth Without Limit? An End to the Taboo

Jmmanuel's Crucifixion, Later Life in India and the Osho Sect

Meier's Films in Review

Neanderthals, Homo Sapiens and the Star Child Skull

"Jesus", Dead Sea Scrolls, Essenes and Black Holes

Are We Really Too... Stupid?

Apophis: Are the Russians Reading Meier's Warnings?

Israeli Intrigues, Ancient History and Roswell Androids

Final Proof Meier's UFO Photos Genuine

Earthquake and Volcano Updates!

Earthquake - Tsunami Warnings

Effects of Caesarean Births

Space Bulges: The Opposite of Black Holes

The Danger of Atmospheric Collapse

Cop Out in Copenhagen

Volcano Warning

Finances, Fuel, Food and Volcanoes

On Drinking Too Much Water

Cheney Declares Himself with the Terrorists

Knowledge and Wisdom Spell the End to Anti-Semitism

In Defense of Minarets, Freedom and Reason

On the Superiority of Women

World Peace and Multinational Peace-Fighting Troops

The Gods of the Earth Were Human

Exopolitics: The Ultimate UFO Disinformation Operation?


News Archives from 2009

The Surprising Natural Origins of Many UFOs

The Origin of the Earth's Moon

The Truth About the Pyramids and Stonehenge!

Neanderthals, Homo Sapiens and the Star Child Skull

Human-Animal Mutations, Sex Toys and Hitler

The Truth About Merlin, King Arthur and Excalibur

Why We Disavow New Report Supporting the WCUFO!

Swine Flu, Iran Elections, Michael Jackson

Original Meier Case Investigator's Own Story!

The Loch Ness Monsters

1979 Letter to U.S. Government from Plejaren

For the Record

U.S. Politician Tells the... Truth!

Michael Horn Rebuts the Skeptics on C2C

Rods: Bio-organisms and Energy Objects

Creatures of the Deep Seas

Is There a Conspiracy of Interest?

Crystal Skulls and the Philadelphia Experiment

The "Alex Collier" Hoax is Now... OVER

"Alex Collier's" Stupid Stuff

The Chemtrail and Conspiracy Con Job

The Easter Island Mystery Explained!

Meier Beneath Great Pyramid.... in 1953!

The Eisenhower-Alien Contact Fantasy

Demystifying the Mayan

There is No Planet-X

Who is the Mahdi of Islam?

The Unknown Dangers of HAARP

The Truth About the Tunguska Event!

Danger of Collision with the Red Meteor!

Michael Horn's Internet Hoax!

British Skeptic Interviews Michael Horn!


News Archives from 2008

The Men in Black, Mars and Meteors

Earthquake - Tsunami Warnings

Meier Warned About Russia-Georgia Scenario - in 1991!

The Paradox

Is Another Prophesy Being Fulfilled?

Bush Faithfully Follows The Script To Destruction

The Actual Prophecies and Predictions of Jeremia and Elia

Revealed: How Kal Korff Falsified Meier's Photos!

The Dalai Lama: A "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"? (Warning: Extremely Controversial!)


News Archives from 2007

Telepathy, Levitation, Teleportation and Clairvoyance

Microsoft and the NSA

Global Warming Update

We Were Warned But Didn't Listen

How to End the War and Terrorism

The Harsh Truth About the Real Problem (PDF) (HTML)

Put the Peace Symbol Right Side Up!

A New Perspective on Racism

Fake Abductions, Mutilations and UFOs - From Earth!

Israel Hastens the Hour of Her Own Destruction

November 23, 1981: Meier Specifically Warned of French Riots...

… Reported on "Meier Contacts DVD BEFORE They Occurred!

Mohammed's Teachings Were Also Falsified

The Darwin Hoax

Things You're Not Supposed to Know

Review of Radio Debate!

The Ober-Sädelegg Photos


News Archives from 2006

Christian Frehner of FIGU: "We Condemn All Racism"

Are We on the Path to the Third World War?

Alien Abductions: Delusional Disinformation

The Newest in Regard to Matters of Extraterrestrials, UFOs

The Billy Meier "Hoax" Exposed? - Part Two - The Phony Lawsuit

U.S. UFO Cover-up Began in... 1915!


News Archives from 2005

Swiss Military Confirms Meier's UFOs!

“Gospel of Judas”... Irrelevant in Light of Talmud of Jmmanuel



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