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What's New on TheyFly in 2017

Paranormal Stakeout, interview with Michael Horn *NEW*

Billy Meier-OVNIs, Oklahoma y Rock & Roll, traducción de Alicia Armstrong, USA

Mientras se cumplen las profecías en París, traducción de Jorge Díaz, Mexico y Alicia Armstrong, USA

Galactic News Network (Part 1Part 2Part 3.), interview with Michael Horn

Contact discussion and predictions of Sfath, Wednesday, 1 September 1948

as the time fulfills, TheyFly TV

The Silent Revolution of Truth, TheyFly TV

X-Zone Radio, interview with Michael Horn

OVNI-Profeta advirtió: El desmantelamiento de todas las plantas nucleares, traducción de Jorge Díaz, Mexico

Desorientados, traducción de Alicia Armstrong, USA y Jorge Díaz, Mexico

Nature's Way, interview with Michael Horn

Overpopulation - The Root of Evil *Updated*

Wiegands Files, interview with Michael Horn

Extracto de La Manera de Vivir - Los Siete Pasos de la Educación, traducción de Alicia Armstrong, USA

Wiegands Files, interview with Michael Horn

Reincarnation, compiled from FIGU Forum by Corey Müske, USA

La Presidencia de Donald Trump y las Profecías de Henoch, 2da. Parte, traducción de Alicia Armstrong, USA

La Presidencia de Donald Trump y las Profecías de Henoch, 1era. Parte, traducción de Alicia Armstrong, USA

Index to Goblet of the Truth

Veritas Show, interview with Michael Horn

Wiegands Files, interview with Michael Horn


Wiegands Files, interview with Michael Horn

Excerpt from The Way to Live - The Seven Steps of the Education

Excerpts from Talmud Jmmanuel, compiled by Larry Driscoll, USA

Information Flyer for Talmud Jmmanuel, written by Larry Driscoll, USA


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Macht der Gedanken, excerpt of Kapitel XXV
Wahrheit ist nämlich, dass das neutral-positiv-ausgeglichene Gedankenmuster derart geformt ist, wie das schon an früherer Stelle erklärt wurde, dass es sowohl die positiven als auch die negativen Fakten einer Sache berücksichtigt und verarbeitet und also auch negative Dinge und Fehler miteinschliesst, die gründlich erforscht, verarbeitet, richtiggestellt und behoben werden müssen.

Might of the Thoughts, excerpt of Chapter XXV
As has already been explained in this text, the truth is that the neutral-positive-equalised thought-pattern is formed such that both the positive as well as the negative facts of a matter are taken into consideration and processed and, therefore, negative things and errors are also included, which must be thoroughly investigated, processed, put right and resolved.